Friday Thangs [11-10]

  • November 10, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

+ Welp, old man winter arrived. I am not ready for snow yet; we barely had Fall.  A picture of garbage collection day (well, compost and recycling) is fitting because that's what I think about this weather - garbage #rage.

+ Walmart messed up and sent me 3 packages of hair ties instead of one.  Karma makes me nervous so my first reaction was to return the extra 2 but I loathe the customer service area because it's always a long line up and people are miserable.  I asked some folks what they would do and it seems that everyone hates Walmart because 5 out of 5 people said FUCK THEM KEEP IT.

+ I reintroduced coffee yesterday with no adverse effects which means I'm definitely sensitive to eggs *cries*.  Oh well, bring on the coffee!

+ Yummy dishes I made this week:

+ (Main) bathroom reorg was a success and didn't take as long as I thought it would since I just chucked most of the shit I found.

BEFORE:  This is mid-purge; I forgot to take a pic when I opened it because I went right to chucking.

All the crap that was crammed in the cabinets. A lot of it was old stuff that needed to be thrown out or recycled.

AFTER: SO MUCH BETTER.  Got those stackable bins, plastic drawers and wire racks from Walmart; hung wire racks using command hooks.  Seriously, start using command hooks to organize your life and leverage the doors to maximize your storage space.

I love hanging things; it creates so much extra space and there's never an easy way to store your hair dryer until I came up with this idea!

+ Finally got over myself, put my big girl panties on and started watching Stranger Things.  WOW.  Steve and Dustin FTW.
how awesome is this shirt?

+ Funnies:

When Disney tries to hide the actual Millennium Falcon but Google Maps ruins it.

Auto insurance company asked customer for front, side and back pics and this is what she sent:

Tomorrow we pick up our new car and I'm finally cleared to start training again!

Happy weekend, y'all

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  1. What kind of new car did you get? I am laughing so hard at the front and back pictures hahahaha. Your bathroom looks good!

  2. OMG that insurance lady pictures! LOLOL. And ugh, snow. Snow is the worst.

  3. Those insurance pics are hilarious! And nothing beats a good laugh first thing in the morning. Sorry to hear about your new egg sensitivity. I'd cry too because I love eggs. I love both lo mein and beef stew. Now I'm hungry and I don't have beef stew or lo mein. Sniff. Sniff. :D

  4. Season two Steve is awesome. MFD sent me that pic yesterday.

    I usually call when people send me something extra but I am not going to a store or to the post office to return your fuck up. If you'd like to pick it up at my door, feel free.


    I think I need some of those stackable bins because under the bathroom sinks is a hot fucking nightmare mess.

  6. Hahaha "Susan you look good but..." Your new bathroom storage looks awesome. I'm thinking after I'm actually home after the holidays I'm going to tackle mine. It drives me insane right now.

  7. I just spend way too much on winter clothes so be able to survive romania. Seeing your snow pic scared me.

    Boo about eggs but yay for coffee.

    Love your re-organization. Door racks are the best!!

    Susan .... Oh susan. That meme is gold lol

  8. Haha yes Steve and Dustin stole the show this season, they were hilarious together! Yay for the return of coffee, but boooo to old man winter. I loathe that guy, and moved south to get away from him :-P

  9. HAHAHAHA... that insurance picture thing made me laugh way harder than it should.
    I would TOTALLLLY buy that Steve & Dustin shirt. LOVE the 2 of them together!!!!

  10. Stranger Things is one trippy ride. I love Steve though.

  11. I have not watched any Stranger Things, but I really do want to! I'm just really bad at keeping up with shows/watching TV sometimes. My focus isn't that great. LOL Glad you're liking it though!!


  12. Organization project turned out great!! Looks awesome!
    That food looks soooo delicious! Especially the shrimpies!
    I won't lie... I'm jealous of your snow. Ha. I'm ready for it :)

  13. Yep. Time flies. First we're just enjoying fall and we blinked and winter's here. Wow!

  14. WHAt, snow?!?!? GTFOH!!!!

    KEEP the extra. I totally get karma but dealing with reps sometimes is the worst. Your food looks amazing. I'm making a chicken souping my crock pot as we speak.

  15. OH man snow. I'm looking forward to snow. haha I love snow. I totally get the karma but returning things to Walmart is a nightmare. Not sure what I would be do if I'm being honest. I have the worse luck anyways.

  16. I'm dying over that Millennium Falcon picture. I'll have to show Justin. We are rewatching the original trilogy plus the newest one before the movie comes out in December and it is a full nerd party here. Also, I love Stranger Things. We just started season two and I know I'll be sad when it's over.