It's Friday!

  • October 06, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

Not that it matters to me because work fuck-off time but holy crap, fall is in full effect.  I've been wearing sweatpants and sweaters the whole week and we had to change to our fall blankets because it's been so chilly.

+ Just two weeks into Operation: Shoulder Rehab For Real and already, I can't take it anymore.  My PT said that the entire kinetic chain in my upper body is pretty much messed up *cries*.  In addition to localized shoulder joint/rotator cuff issues, my adductors, pecs and right side of my core are so tight that it's pulling my body in all sorts of weird directions and straining the ligaments/tendons.  It was also the source of my lower back issues a few months ago.

But some good news:  I've been cleared for (light) weight lifting for my upper body but no pushups, bench press or shoulder press <-- WHAT ELSE IS THERE.  Can I just confess that physiotherapy workouts are so fucking boring and slow?  I just need to focus on the goal (healing) and suppress my inner ahole bro which makes me feel like I have to justify to those around me that I swear, I can lift heavier.

+ I decided to be a smarty pants and start playing trivia.  These apps - don't get them. They're way too addictive and will drive you and everyone around you bonkers because you'll be messaging them non-stop for help.

When you get so desperate for answers that you resort to asking Facebook (because Google yielded nothing):

Even bestie got fed up with me, LOL.

+ This paleo pumpkin loaf is delicious!  Whoda thunk adding coconut milk makes this so delicious?  I also added a few chocolate chips because chocolate chips.

+ With the discovery that my body hates Vital Proteins collagen powder,  I've been drinking bone broth instead. I wish I could whip up a batch of this all the time but it's damn expensive AND takes hours to make.
there's some weird shit in here but it's liquid gold.

+ Have you watched Vikings? If not, get on it, asap; it's SO GOOD.  Season 5 starts next month.


It's Thanksgiving weekend for us Canadian folks which means long weekend, baby!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I see your don't download these warning & completely disregard it because I have 7 hours worth of meetings today...

  2. Haven't seen Vikings yet but I just finished watching The Last Kingdom (again). I'm so ready for the mosquitoes to die already. Still don't know what their purpose is except to annoy humans and pass diseases along. Vile things. But Happy Thanksgiving to you up there!

  3. It's Columbus Day here so we get a long weekend too.
    I haven't had bone broth but I always get pho when I don't feel well and it's close to a miracle cure.

  4. Winter body for the win, ha! :)

    Bone broth, I've been intrigued but don't know if I want to buy it or make it, hmm...

    Oh the kinetic chain being out of wak, the worst. It's annoying how everything is connected right? BOOO, big boohoo card!

  5. LOL to the vocabulary card. SO me on some days hahah

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! :) Sorry to hear about your shoulder. :( I've been out of town.. so yeah, no blogging on vacation. :P LOL on addictive apps. I started a Disney puzzle one over the summer and it consumed my life. LOL. It's so bad. Um yes on the reading meme. Have a great holiday weekend. :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  7. Aw man, that really sucks about your shoulder. I hope it's fully healed ASAP.

    Oh my gosh... those avoiding human interaction things are all brilliant! I want to do them all!!

  8. LOL at the Forever 21 meme - seriously! That pumpkin loaf looks delish, coconut milk! Who knew?! Happy Friday <3

  9. Hahahaha your funnies are cracking me up!!! I need to make that pumpkin bread for breakfast next week, yum!!! Sorry about your shoulder :( Take it easy woman! I hope you have a wonderful weekend enjoying fall. We are getting another fucking hurricane here. Rude.

  10. I sat in envy & awe of the avoiding human contact gif!!!!!!

    Your friends answer on the trivia cracked me up. I KNOWWWWW I'd be addicted to that.

  11. LMAO that gun one though! I need to try that pumpkin loaf looks delicious!

  12. That pumpkin loaf sounds amazing... And all these funnies are great! The last one made me laugh out loud!! One of our dogs has had gas for the last week and it's SO gross.

  13. the avoid human interaction meme haha! I would love to know whats in that dang broth lol

  14. Sorry to hear about your shoulder -- taking it easy when all you want to do is lift and workout would not be fun! Also, that pumpkin loaf looks and sounds delicious! Those memes are all so spot on.

  15. Sorry about your shoulder :( I know taking it easy can be a pain but it is worth it! You'll thank yourself later.
    The to-do list re. books is SO me.