I Heart Organizing [2]

  • October 25, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

This has been one busy week.  My mom left for Asia last Wednesday and I threw myself into purging/organizing and getting this house in order.  Like my father and my husband, she's a pack rat so having her around while doing this is like having someone follow behind me putting everything back that I (re)move.  Um, no thanks.  As much work as it was this week, I loved every minute.

+ You all know that we did our front doors and garage already.
I love how a fresh coat of paint can really make things like new... But that damn porch plant; husband is desperately trying to resuscitate it #letitrestinpeacealready.

Since our foyer had to be cleared in order for the door installers to do their thing, that gave me the opportunity to finally purge and organize that area.  Do you know how hard it is to keep a foyer organized when you have a kid and husband who loves shoes and wears a different pair nearly every day?  the struggle is real, yo.

We have a sitting/storage bench and when I opened it, a big mess welcomed me.  I nearly fainted because I had things put in their mesh bags and how did all this shit find its way in here?!  This was my face when I opened it:

I don't think I've ever purged/organized something with such rage.  On a side note, I should not organize/purge when PMSing because that equates to bags and bags of donations as you can see in this pic.  Ahhh...finally, a clean foyer!

+ My kitchen is in pretty good shape but could use some reorganizing so I planned out how I was going to tackle it, starting with a complete deep floor cleaning (making my grout sparkly and double mopping) and reorganizing my pantry.

Cupboards are a waste of space so I bought an expandable 3-tier organizer from Winners for $9.99.

Because this thing is metal, the cans and glass jars slid easily across the shelves so that meant some DIY brilliance had to be used....hello surface grippers!   I have a bunch of these from the dollar store and they're so grippy that I didn't even have to secure them (ie. tape) onto the shelves.

I purged all expired canned goods and unused cans/dried goods went into the donation box for the food drive.  I reorganized it so that the things Kayla uses (cereal/her lunch bags etc) are at her eye level.  Cleaning products and extra kitchen things go at the very bottom because no one likes seeing those unsightly things.

**2nd shelf still a work in progress as I ran out of storage bins for the beans and pasta so more to come with that.

I love leveraging doors to store things so I used command hooks to hang a wire basket that now stores kitchen garbage bags (instead of the box taking up room on the shelf).

Next on the kitchen reorg list:
-- utensil drawers
-- glassware cupboards

I'm starting the purge on Kayla's closet which will take me a while since girlfriend loves to store errting in here.  Wish me luck.

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  1. So smart with the DIY on the shelves, well done.

    I need to deep clean our kitchen. le sigh.

  2. Thats a great pantry DIY. I think I may try that actually. Because Im probably Kayla's height (im 4'11") and cant see past shelf two, im really grateful for a bigger pantry. However, shelf one and two re quickly becoming a mess!

  3. Haha that poor plant. It looks like it's seen better days. Love the dark garage doors and front door!

  4. Coming along great! The foyer looks fab. I need to straighten things out as well. It's all 'good shape' like your kitchen - just needs tweaking. I plan on decluttering from now until the end of December and then tackling the re-organizing projects in the new year.

  5. ooh I love it. Pantries are hard sometimes. In our first apartment (TINY TINY!) we had a little coat closet sized pantry. And our kitchen was a hallway. So we used a "shoe" over the door organizer to hold things like granola bars, tea bags/cocoa packets, extra utensils, clothespins etc. It worked so well for us! Now we are sharing a big pantry with KC's family and it is mostly going ok. Who knows how our house will end up being formatted. ha Great progress, the comment about the shoes made me LOL. XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  6. Great idea with the three-tier shelving. I want to do that in our pantry. Right now I'm just trying to get everything in its home. Ha.
    Love love love the front door and garage doors. That just looks SO good!

  7. Such a great feeling when you can purge, and know it won't be immediately undone. Hope your mom has a great trip, and still loving the new front door.

  8. Do you have any good organizers or tips for stupid Tupperware? I try and keep ours organized but it always ends up a mess until I sit down and reorganize it again. I like the leveled shelves you got!

  9. Please come down and organize my life. Please and thank you.

  10. I have so many areas that have become a complete mess since a certain someone came in to the world. I have got to get a handle on it soon! Your post is kicking my ass in to gear!