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  • October 23, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

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Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides $54.95, NaturaMarket.ca

Purchase reason:  I experienced great benefits from taking Great Lakes Collagen, heard great things about Vital Proteins collagen and decided to give this a go.  Also, bigger container and more economical.

Results:  Dry, itchy skin, my eczema came back, red/irritated/sensitive skin and acne.  Let it be known that I rarely get acne but I had FOUR PIMPLES on my face...I have never had that many pimples in my life; not even when I was an adolescent.

I could not figure out what was causing my skin to be this bad and never even thought about this collagen powder being the culprit because collagen powder is good for your skin, right?  WRONG.  I guess not all collagen powders are made the same nor can you be 100% positive that you'll react to every collagen powder the same.  It never occurred to me that this could be the reason until someone asked if I had introduced anything new into my diet or skin routine...that's when it clicked.

I took the recommended dose (1 scoop daily which I put in my morning coffee) and after I realized the culprit, began monitoring what happened after I took it...as soon as I finished my coffee, the skin on my forehead started itching and turning red...then about an hour later, my skin started feeling tight and itchy.  The skin on my neck turned red and my upper lip got itchy and red as well.  RAGE.  

The following day I stopped taking it and on day 2, my skin started to calm down.  One week later, it was almost back to normal.

Recommendation - No.  My skin was horrible and borderline painful the entire time I was taking this.

Just Pure Calendula with Royal Jelly skin cream $69.95, Pure + Simple.
Purchase reason:  To inject more hydration into my skin and soothe the irritation due to the above negative reaction to Vital Proteins collagen powder.

Results:  This is my new favourite weapons-grade moisturizer.  Whenever I experience hormonal fluctuations, the seasons change or I eat something with which my body does not agree, my skin is the first to complain and the effects last for at least a week.  

When I slathered this on, my skin instantly felt soothed and hydrated.  

Read up on the benefits of Calendula and Royal Jelly.

Recommendation - Yes!  may not be good for those with oily skin as this is rich and creamy but great for dry/dehydrated and sensitive skin.

Cassava Crunch chips $4.49

Purchase reason:  Although I'm grain free and focus on eating healthy, sometimes bitches need to eat chips, even if they're the fake kind because periods.

Results:  For a chip alternative, these are actually pretty good and I've tried plenty of 'healthy alternative' chips; most of which taste like dried bungholes.  It's the perfect saltiness with half the calories and all the crunch.  The cheese ones are also good.

Recommendation - Yes! I sort of hate the price since it's a small-ish bag but beggars can't be choosers.

Natural DIY daily spray.

Reason:  I hate cleaning the shower so I wanted to extend the time between cleaning.

Results:  After making and using up batches of this (aka 2 weeks of not cleaning my shower but using this instead), I still don't see any indication that this isn't working - I don't see any early developments of soap scum (I've run my fingers along the lower tiles and lower glass doors) nor do I see any formation of pink mildew in the corners.  I can overlook the slight vinegar/alcohol smell since this is working so well (the smell only lasts for a few minutes). 

Recommendation - Yes!  Instead of cleaning the shower every week, I can probably go three weeks between cleaning which is a huge win.

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  1. bunghole, HAHAHAHA!

    We are trying to incorporate beets into our food intake but man they are not my fave. I will try these chips out. I hope i like it better than the powdered supplement. woof.

    YAY DIY spray for the win.

  2. I hate cleaning the shower too! I'll have to give that diy a try.

  3. Definitely going to try your shower spray recipe. I had one before but it wasn't really working well so I abandoned it. This one sounds better.

  4. Cleaning the shower is the worst. Ugh. I have a Method Daily spray that we are too lazy to use most mornings, so I wonder if I made this if I would actually use it regularly. Haha. At least I am honest with myself? I am glad you figured out what was freaking out your skin.

  5. Yay to chips that don't taste like dried bunghole hahaha, and to not having to clean the shower as often! HUGE win!!

  6. Hmm I'll have to look into that shower spray...definitely do not clean that as often as I probably should anyway ;)

  7. Gotta find the fake chips, they look good actually.

  8. That shower spray sounds awesome!! Definitely something I would use. I love posts like this with honest, unpaid reviews to see what bloggers really enjoy :)

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  9. The cassava crunch stuff sounds good. Bummer about the collagen Im definitely trying the shower spray - tho that is 100% not my chore. Its in fact one of two chores that Ive given the romanian (that and taking out the garbage) because I cant.

  10. Those chips sound interesting and good. I'll have to see if I can find anything similar here!

  11. Bummer about the collagen powder. And also I'm jealous about your lack of acne, lol.
    I've heard nothing about good things about beet chips!
    Writing down the shower spray recipe RIGHT NOW. I keep putting it off. New house- new habits, though!

  12. Those chips - yes please! And I need to try that shower spray, so over all the harsh chemicals :-P

  13. ooh I'll have to try the shower spray. I usually do baking soda + castille soap. It works super well and smells yummy because we use the orange scented castille soap.. but it does take a bit to get it all over the entire tub/shower. Sprays definitely seem easier. Though that will be my go-to scrub for ANYTHING. So good. :) It's better for smaller areas like sinks and stove tops. XO - alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things