Friday Thangs [10-13]

  • October 13, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

+ Can I just say something?  why are the school systems complicating math?  When I learned multiplication, I just either worked it out on paper or memorized the chart.  Now Kayla is coming home with new stuff that I've never heard of.  This legit happened yesterday so I made/sent this to my ahole bros group.

I'm a disgrace to my peeps - I suck at math. My husband is the mathlete of the house (not even kidding about that - he actually and voluntarily went to math camp for fun) and I do every other subject.  But when she came home with "multiplication compensation strategies", I had to sit down and figure out what the fuck they were talking about before I could even help her (my husband was out).

+ Convo with my friend after I put him through a fun circuit at the gym yesterday.

By the way, my friend isn't even Jamaican (he's Filipino) yet he feels the need to talk to me like this (which I find hella funny) because I'm Chinese Jamaican.

Patois to English translation:
Buss = busted
Buss to rahtid = busted like fuck.

+ Finally got some highly recommended books to read so looking forward to curling up on the couch with these:

+ I made a few small batches of chocolate chia seed pudding but instead of using almond milk like I usually do, I used leftover coconut milk and omg, what a huge difference in taste and texture!

+ I have been lurking the dog rescue sites and YouTube channel like nobody's business.  Major research is still happening and I'm >THISCLOSE< to filling out an application for this wittle guy:
This is Buddy; a 3yr old black lab mix.  OMG THAT FACE I WANT TO SQUISH IT WITH SLOBBERY KISSES!!

+ Truer words have never been written in these two memes:

Tomorrow we have our fancy once a month dinner date and a weekend of organizing!

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  1. I SUCK AT MATH! I hate it, the worst. I feel bad for my kid, it's gonna be, go see daddy, haha. I don't understand why either with the math. I'll ask my sister who's a teacher.

    Have fun at your fancy dinner tonight.

  2. I'm ok with math but the new math forget it. I totally think they have over complicated it. I can't tell you how many times I go to the store, pay with cash and the cashier cannot figure out the change. Happens all the time. I know the register will tell you what is owed but it's like they can't count at all. OMG, Buddy is adorable!! What a little cutie!! He is calling your name.

  3. Oh... my... gosh. I love Buddy! He is the cutest. I hope you get him. :)

    Eff math! I hate it, hate it, hate it and they are complicating it WAY too much in school these days!

  4. What the hell is multiplication compensation strategies? I suck at math but giving it a stupid name is not going to make it cool or easier. That pudding looks glorious. I am not doing any sweets this month (with the exception of Halloween. Because Halloween.) but maybe you can share that recipe with us? For you know, next month's eating. :D Growing up, my neighbors always had black labs and they are great dogs. Buddy has the sweetest face and Kayla would love him!

  5. Seriously though with math! I'm a high school social studies teacher so I don't do the whole math thing on a regular basis as far as all that jazz is concerned but I subbed for one semester last year & the first time I was in an elementary math class I was like "what is this fresh hell??"

  6. The 3 stages of life - I honestly busted out laughing & couldnt stop. It's too accurate.

  7. I feel like school is gradually getting harder with more and more homework. I'm dreading all the work Serena will be bringing home :-P

  8. Im so awful at math. So awful. I love that meme about skin though!

  9. I am still cracking up at you not being able to do math until I realized that Zoe is going to eventually come home and want my help. Shit. I dont remember any of that!!! Those two memes at he end?? YES!!! That doggie!!!!!!!!!!!! I want all the doggies. Hopefully you get one soon and can start sending us pictures all day of the adorableness.