Everybody's working for the weekend.....

  • October 20, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

***I want to thank everyone for your kind words of love and support on my #metoo post the other day.  I actually wasn't expecting many comments only because sexual assault/abuse/harassment are difficult subjects and my intention was to spread the word that this type of awfulness exists everywhere and has since forever.  It's important that we come together to end this cycle of violence and abuse and no one should suffer in silence.  All of your kind words truly touched me; it's why I love the blogging community so much***

+ Kayla was none too impressed last weekend and the beginning of this week when she realized what true studying was.  Her first math test was yesterday and there was a lot to cover so like the tiger mom I am, we did math drills using flashcards and practice tests that I made up.

Obviously, I was not her favourite person all weekend.  Her face made me laugh so hard and like any good parent, I plastered that photo all over social media #thejoysofparenting.

Speaking of math, have you ever heard of "doubling patterns"?  Apparently it's the 'new thing' and this is how they're teaching kids how to multiply things like 16x8.  It only works when you have a 4 or 8 as a multiplier which is limiting and frankly, dumb.  Obviously I was frustrated because why can't you just work this shit out like how we used to back in the day?  see circled image of frustration.

How I felt when going through the new Multiplication Compensation and Split strategies:

+ I made a huge batch of chili on Sunday and it was delicious. The batch was so big that I was going to give some to my friend but my husband gave a firm "no! I want to eat it!" so we've been eating chili all week.  Needless to say, this house doesn't smell very good.

+ I'm slaying productivity this week:

-- organized our foyer area
-- new front door installed
-- painted garage doors same colour as our new front door
-- scheduled duct cleaning
-- scheduled winter tire change switch-over
-- organizing Kayla's closet
-- organized/planned 2 birthday parties AND our Traditional Ladies Kris Kringle event
-- reorganizing kitchen

+ Before:  ugly, generic builder door that we lived with for 11 years.

If big, black, heavy duty doors doesn't say GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, I don't know what does.

Yesterday my husband painted the garage doors to match our new door and what a difference it makes.

+ Watched a few movies this week:  Hacksaw Ridge, Hidden Figures, Hell or High Water and Spotlight.  During my last work fuck-off time, I watched one movie a day and it was glorious.  Since I'm off training for another 12 days, I think I'll bring it back but this time I'll watch Oscar-nominated movies and these movies have been in my to watch queue since forever.

Hands down, Spotlight and Hidden Figures were fucking amazing.   Next up: Fences and 12 Years a Slave.

100% THIS:

The best Facebook page ever -- UPS drivers made up their own Facebook page all about dogs they meet on their routes!

I'll be spending this weekend lurking Buddy, finishing up my organizing projects, visiting a friend for her birthday and meal planning for the week ahead.

Have a great one!

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  1. So I missed your weds post, going back to read now {having issues with refreshes of blogs lately, ugh}. Kayla's face is too funny, so smart having her study early instead of cram. KAYLA, you will thank your mom when you are in colllllleeegggeeee!!!!!
    Love the new door, perfectly states what you want it to, ha!

  2. omg your new doors are AMAZING I love them! So much better, and so bad ass.

  3. Stop. I am going to that UPS dog page RIGHT NOW.
    Also, your doors are amazing. The garage doors completely and totally bring it all together. I love it!!
    Kayla's math makes me head hurt. Back in my day you could either do mental math or you couldn't. Sorry, but I can't be told how to think. Hahaha.

  4. I love your new door and the garage doors really make it all look so good!!!! Kayla's face says it all!! I looked at that math sheet and I am over here like WTF????? And I was good at math! I am so screwed when Zoe starts school. Two of my sister's kids are straight A, beta club, honor society students. I am going to have to ask them to come help Zoe if she needs it when shes older lol. Her other two kids are lucky to get b's and c's. I told her someone has to have commonsense and street smarts and it will be them LOL.

  5. Oh my gosh, dying at the chili gif. We love us some chili in our house, too, but yes, it can have some dire consequences hahaha
    I didn't get a chance to see your MeToo post but I'm going back to read it now!

  6. I need that UPS doggy page in my life! And LOL at Kayla's studying face, the feeling is mutual girl <3

  7. Ahhh - that doggy!!!!!
    Those doors make a HUGE difference. WOW
    OK... I dont get it... why the sudden change in HOW to do MATH - something that has been around for THOUSANDS OF YEARS ... why make it more complicated. It makes ZERO sense to me. & that's ZERO without a 10 minute equation to come up with ZERO

  8. You new door looks so fancy! I love it! I don't understand why they're complicating math. They keep saying that they're adding all these new tricks to make it easier, but quite frankly it's just messing with an unbroken thing.

  9. My son gives me that exact same look that Kayla has when I am making him study for class ha ha! The way that they are teaching math now makes absolutely no freaking sense. You would think that, with being mere months away from getting my Bachelor's degree, I would be able to help my second grade son with his math homework, right? Nope. The way they want them to work through math equations is absolutely ridiculous and they have to do three times the amount of work to get the answer in a crazy round about way. It drives me insane.

  10. Love the UPS Dogs page! And new doors put a whole new look on a place - looks great! I used to like math, until I saw the 'new math'. Dumb.

  11. Love the doors! The house looks so good!!! In our house, it will definitely be my husband helping my daughers with math. I wish it wasn't the case but I think it is. haha. I'll help them with social sciences ;) LOVED Hidden Figures. What an absolutely amazing story.

  12. I have not been blog reading! But I am working my way backwards. So I will get to your Me Too post eventually. I appreciated all the comments on mine too. I've had a lot of positive and encouraging discussions with people via blog post and facebook and it left me feeling very uplifted. I have a few friends who are being very "THIS WON'T DO ANYTHING!" about it.. which I suppose is reasonable, but again, my experiences with the "campaign?" have been positive and shed a lot of light. Anyhowww.. LOLOLOLOL on Kayla's study face! I'm dying. LOL. Let's not talk about math. My hubby writes math questions for a living. x_x Love the door, and yes it does discourage visitors! hahahaha Good for you with all the productivity. Hidden Figures is on our DVR and I want to make time to watch it! :) XO - Alexandra

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