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  • September 10, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

+ I've been journaling most nights before bed and the one night that I didn't, I slept poorly compared to every night that I did.  Coincidence? I THINK NOT.  My journal is far from pretty and nothing like my planner -  it's literally filled with words, scribbles and thoughts all jumbled up in every which way but I can honestly say that after vomiting these things into my journal, I've slept so soundly/peacefully every.single.time.

+ To make journaling more fun, I bought some awesome gel pens ...like I needed more but these are amazing.

[image source JetPens]

+ So. Big news. I've been seriously considering getting a dog.  I knew I'd always get one eventually but this past weekend, something just clicked inside; like my biological dog clock went off and I was all I NEED A DOG RIGHT NOW.  I immediately went to the Ontario SPCA site to find adoptable dogs because rescue dogs (and all other animals) need forever homes and my god, those faces! how can you resist?  Also, I have zero time for young puppies chewing up my shit so I'm aiming to get one 4yrs or older.  I'm also at a place in my life where I prefer to be home so our new furbaby will have plenty of time to acclimate to his new furparents and environment.

By the way, I'm also of the mindset that pets are family members so yes, I'm looking forward to welcoming my new son or daughter into our happy home.

Look at all of these adorable faces! I would like a lab (mix or pure) of some sort because labs are my favourite.

Or maybe this guy. I can't stop staring at him.
My cousin said that it might be a good idea to look at adopting dogs who are currently in foster care and I came across Ozzy.  I've contacted his foster mom to ask some questions about him. LOOK AT HIS FACE! I WANT TO SQUISH IT!!!  Those who currently foster dogs, any advice you have would be appreciated!

Kayla has no idea that we're doing this now (she thought that a dog was a few more years out).  We're going to do serious research first before finding one. If anything, my husband and I will go the shelter to look and meet, pick our top 3 and then bring Kayla for the final decision.

+ Our 13th wedding anniversary is tomorrow and we're celebrating with 2 fancy dinners - one with Kayla to Oretta (last night) and my husband arranged our date for this weekend.

I've been with this wonderful man for 18 years; married for 13 of them.  We still love being around each other and we make each other laugh every day so we must be doing something right!

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  1. Congrats on 13 years! (or 18!)
    Our anniversary is Tuesday.

    Yes to the dog! I would love to get a rescue dog...I never knew I had such a heart for animals but I really want one now. We bought our puppies because they are for hunting but I couldn't fully support your decision any more.


    That is all.

  3. Happy Anniversary! :) I hope that you are guys are able to find a pup! I totally agree with not wanting to get a puppy though. I don't think I would have the patience for one! As far as adopting one that is being fostered, ASK ALL THE QUESTIONS. Seriously, find out everything you can about the dog and go meet him/her in person. If the rescue allows it, I would do an overnight or weekend trial too. I feel like the biographies can be a little "fluffy" so it's good to actually see the dog in person & how they normally act. Ozzy is SO cute, oh my goodness!!

  4. Happy Anniversary!
    Enjoy finding your new dog!
    I also enjoy journaling - didn't last night and slept terribly! Not feeling 100% but I'm going to put it down to skipping my daily routine. Love the gel pens.

  5. OMG yes keep us all updated on the dog situation. And I've never seen those pens before so I need to look into them.

  6. Happy Anniversary! You have such a beautiful family! And that's exciting with getting a dog! I bet Kayla will be so happy!

  7. Happy Anniversary! And good luck finding the right dog for your family :)

  8. Happy Anniversary!!! I'm so excited for you that you are getting a dog!! I want one so badly but I work too much to have one. Kayla is going to be so excited!!

  9. Happy Anniversary! Love the pics of you three, such a happy, beautiful family.! And a doggie! Oh my! While I am an admitted and unashamed crazy cat lady, I do like doggies quite a bit too. And labs in particular. My neighbor always had labs and I took care of him when they were on vacation or out of town. I love that you getting a rescue dog because they need good, loving homes. And I also refer to my cat, Max, who just celebrated his 5-year adoption anniversary (aka his birthday too) on Saturday, as my son. He looks at me weird when I do but I just don't care. :D

  10. OHHHHH... from one dog person, I'm so excited for you to bring a fur baby in the house. Be prepared - its not all rainbows... but its so worth it when they weasel in your heart & become family.

    ... those pens... dang it... I'm going to have to get another set of pens now.

  11. Well now I am dying for a dog. I wish I could have one in my building. Happy Anniversary!

  12. I love this blog post so freaking much.
    First of all, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.
    Secondly- THANK YOU FOR A) ADOPTING YOUR NEW BABY, B) BEING RESPONSIBLE WITH YOUR CHILD'S FEELINGS AND RESEARCHING EVERYTHING, C) CONSIDERING YOUR FUR-CHILD AS FAMILY SO KNOWING THAT THERE'S SOME SERIOUS RESPONSIBILITY AND LOVE INVOLVED, AND D) LOOKING AT OLDER DOGS AND BLACK DOGS. I'm sorry I'm yelling, but I'm just so excited and happy for you!!!! And now I have adoption-envy. How dare you post all those squishy-mushy-wushy faces on here <3 Coral, Emma Watson, and Kenneth are 100% speaking to me :)
    If you need any help or have any questions feel free to email me :) I know you probably have experience and a good network of dog lovers, but I love talking with new and old dog owners. I've had dogs all my life and we've got two rescue pups :) Helpful advice, not preachy advice from me, lol! audreylou09@gmail.com
    *upon re-reading my comment I know I sound like a crazy dog person. I am, though. *shrug*

  13. Ahhhhhhh yes for the dog!!!!! You better send the ahole bros pictures of your top choices too!!! You know laura and I are both dog people. Ozzy is so cute!!!! Happy Anniversary to you guys!!

  14. Happy anniversary! Those dogs are all precious. Ozzy is adorable. Good luck!

  15. happy anniversary!!! and oh my goodness a dog!! how exciting. Ozzy is beautiful. I would love a dog but I've never had an inside dog before and I know the cats would hate it. Maybe one day when we are home more as well. very interesting about the journaling and sleeping better, maybe i need to start!

  16. First things first, I love pens. I'm a nice pen junkie! My favorites are the Paper Mate Flairs!
    Secondly... YESSSS! I am so happy for you getting a dog. I know that feeling. I had the same feeling when we just adopted our second dog Ruffles a couple of weeks ago. Also? I am not a puppy person either for all of the reasons you mentioned. All of my dogs have been adult rescues. My first, Dakota, came from a shelter. Ruffles came from a local rescue that does fostering. Both were good options and both helped a dog. However, I'd also recommend looking into the foster option. With Dakota, the shelter didn't know much about him, but with a foster, that dog is living with someone so they can tell you more about them. GOOD LUCK! Can't wait until you get your new son/daughter. ;)

  17. Happy belated anniversary. Also yay for the dog... can't wait to see which dog gets to join your fam. so exciting. Also yes, journaling is good for the soul i recommend it to everyone!

  18. yes! Please rescue a dog! I've been wanting to for the longest time, but I still live in a little apartment.

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