Friday Thangs [9-8]

  • September 08, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

[photo cred: my husband! what a great (unedited) pic]

+ Still working on shoulder rehab. It sucks when I can't work out as much as I want and am forced to take time off but a bum shoulder is a bum shoulder; ain't nothing much I can do about that except swallow the difficult pill that is "to rest" and continue rehabbing...that means heating pad and regular acu. Maybe I'll start running to keep my cardio up but ugh, running....

+ I've been going through some personal stuff which is too much to write on this here blog so I'm trying something different - actual journaling.  I had a $25 gift card to my local bookstore so I stopped off and got this Moleskin journal for $16 on sale.  Whoda thought that I'd fill up 4 pages on the first go.

I'm a believer of putting things out into the universe to make things happen/facilitate positive changes so I poured everything out into this little journal like I was paying it to listen to me.  If I disappear from here for a while, you know why....

+ I finally convinced my husband to get rid of the Keurig.  After I read that there's disgusting mold buildup in the water tank (that you can't get to/clean), I've been nagging his ass to stop using it/get rid of it...and he finally said OK FINE.  Besides, you can't program the damn thing and mold ewwwww.....

+ My local coffee place was having a Labour Day weekend sale - 20% off all coffee beans! I snapped this up because I've been wanting to try it and wow, what a great tasting coffee.

+ My reading mojo temporarily left me but with the fall weather here, colder weather means more couch time with blankets and books.  I'm on book two of Game of Thrones.  By the way, if you watch the show, read the books - so good.

+ Everytime I go to my acupuncturist's clinic, I pass by tons of wooden pallets by the recycling area and since I'm currently obsessed with pallet DIY ideas, I'll be stuffing a couple of these into my trunk next week.

So simple yet such an easy and brilliant idea to keep your garage organized.

A good idea for a mud room; I'd have baskets up top.

Some friday funnies are in order:

Tomorrow we have our monthly fancy family dinner date to expose Kayla to fine dining and we're heading to Oretta, a great Italian restaurant.

To those affected/will be affected by the hurricane, please stay safe!

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  1. Honestly I'm dying over the last two. Will have to share on the internets.

    Love your husband's bike pic!

    Hurrah for getting rid of the Keurig. We did that last year or the year before? No regrets.

  2. I swear by journaling - in my opinion, it really helps. I hope whatever it is gets better soon Kathy! Hugs and more hugs!

  3. I feel like I want to like journaling but writing makes my hand hurt, I swear. It's sad. LOL at the hurricane Jose one, dead.

  4. Chris said that Trump wouldn't let Jose come a few nights ago and I laughed so hard and then he was like...well... I cant take was Twitter. He must have seen the same thing. Sorry that you are going through some personal shit. If you need to vent, you know us ahole bros are good listeners and its a safe no judging place! I used to have a journal a long time ago but haven't wrote in ages. Sometimes it is just therapeutic to write it out and forget about it. And ummm get out of here with your negative Keurig talk. It isn't nice to talk about my bestie that way. lol I am going to be ignorant a bit longer since we just bought a new one a few months ago.

  5. I always keep my Keurig holder open after I use it to air dry because I'm afraid of mold... & I try ot keep my water tank low so I use it all the time & have to put in water each time I use it. I'm sure its probably still infested.

    ... FYI - my shoulder hurts MORE when I run - the swinging of the arm. I'll run in an arm sling sometimes when my shoulder is so bad.

  6. Writing in a real journal always helps when I'm upset or things aren't going right. I hope things get better for you soon.

  7. Journals are the perfect place to spill your soul. Good luck with whatever it is that you're dealing with.

    Pallet DIYs are always so cool looking but I've never been crafty (or patient) enough to do one. Hope you'll share whatever you create!

  8. LOL. The wall would keep Jose out.

  9. Love that you expose Kayla to fine dining!
    Hoping that the journaling, right? I find that I can type much faster than I write so I usually go into word documents for that.
    Ew to the keurig issue. I have one...
    What are you going to instead?