Friday Thangs [9-15]: 5 Things you need and/or need to do

  • September 15, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

1) Read IT.  Twenty eight years ago when I was a geeky 13 year old in grade 7, I bought my very first Stephen King book. That was the catalyst of future purchases of basically everything he wrote in the '80s but only a few remained on my bookshelf over the years; this and Pet Sematary (another incredible book).

the original cover, 1986.

When I read this the first time all those years ago, I had to read it with the lights on or during the daytime and 28years later, not much has changed.  When parts of the book get too creepy, I have to go where there are people around (upstairs) and at times, I can't read this before bed otherwise it'll give me nightmares.  Also, reading this as an adult, I'm picking up things that I missed when I was younger, making the story even more interesting (and creepy) as each chapter goes by.

2) Moleskine journals.  Although pricey, totally worth it.  The paper quality is incredible and I've used a bunch of different pens in here, none of which have leaked through.  The covers are simple and soft and I bring mine pretty much everywhere I go to jot down my thoughts.  I've really been enjoying journaling right before bed; it helps me sleep better because brain-dumping before bed clears the mental clutter and lets you sleep peacefully.

3) Ignore miserable people.  In my search for (discount) closet organizers for Kayla's room, I sent a message to a seller on the site LetGo asking about the wire bins he was selling.  Perhaps I should have waited to message him when it was a decent hour (not 630am) and after I've had coffee (ok, I had just woken up and was coffee-less and groggy) but I asked a question for which he had already posted in the "more info" section.  Instead of just responding and pointing me back to the info, he basically called me stupid.... "daft" was the word he used and his response was really rude.... just because I asked a simple question.

I could have gone with my initial reaction which was send back an equally rude response but instead, I laughed; not over the word he used but because it occurred to me that for someone to react so harshly over a simple question,  he must be a pretty miserable and negative person.  I have zero desire to waste precious energy thinking about people like that so I deleted it, forgot about his message and went on with my day.  Sorry your life is so miserable and sad; I gots no time for that.

4) Stay calm even when it's hard to.  I'll admit that when driving, I'm the worst version of myself; the most horrific things come out of my mouth when I'm behind the wheel.  The other day I was driving and some dillhole was tailing me.  Now, I'm a very somewhat aggressive driver so that means this guy was up my ass and just being an all around dickhead on the road.  I moved out of his way; he decides to follow, still riding me.  I move again, and whoops, there he is.  Normally I'd be cursing and screaming after the first time but because of my new disposition of "trying different ways to resolve things", I remained calm and moved out of the way again only for him to follow but the best part? A cop had been watching and then tailed him for about 1 kilometer before turning on his cherries and pulling his ass over.  I legit drove by like this:

5) Get some perspective.  One of my guilty pleasures is going on public forums to read the crazy stuff that goes on there; as in people are legit nuts and will sit behind their computer for hours expressing how much they hate how they look/their lives/other people.  Never have I read so much complaining about everything.  Why? why all the self-hate and negative annoyance at the world?

We are damn lucky to be living where we are; damn lucky that we're able to sit behind a computer whenever we like; damn lucky to be able to freely voice our opinions without persecution; damn lucky in general compared to other countries where their citizens are running for their lives or are being persecuted for their beliefs.  They are not concerned about how they look, how anxious they are about their job, how awful they look in a bikini, how much they want to lose weight - they're too busy worrying about how to survive; where their next meal will come or if any of their family members are alive.  GET SOME PERSPECTIVE, people *gets off soapbox*.

Have a great weekend.

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  1. IT scares me, so nope nope nope. You can read it for me ;)!

    And I'm with you on driving, I'm the worst version of myself, seriously total crazy pants girl behind the wheel. Trying to be better, key word trying!

    People are crazy in forums. Behind the internet wall the mousiest person things they are a bad ass bitch, so crazy.

  2. I will always pay more for Moleskin journals. They are the best! Worth the cost. They are the only ones I can find with a good grid journal too. I love me some grid lines!

  3. I really don't understand people. While I am the worst version of myself behind the wheel too...I am generally a nice person and try to at least have respect for others. We are all different and have differing opinions, root for different things, etc. I cant imagine how miserable someone must be to respond so ugly to a simple question or waste hours trolling others online and being rude.

  4. Yes to 3 through 5! I react so negatively sometimes but I swear I'm always trying to approach things with a little more grace and change my perspective.
    I think I'd really like to read IT now. Lol

  5. It is so hard to stay calm sometimes, the anger can get all too real. Part of me wants to read IT again and part of me wonders why I want to not sleep for a week after reading it.

  6. I'm more of an old granny kind of driver, which isn't a great thing in LA where people drive like it's the Indy 500 on the freeway. :D But I would have laughed my ass off when the cop pulled over that guy over. Jerk! Karma can be a real bitch. Right now, there is so much negativity going on and it makes me sad. I won't pretend there aren't days that I don't contribute to it, but I also know that I am not a hate-filled person either. It makes me sad how cruel and mean and petty some have become.

    I seriously want to read IT but I'm so scared! Like come hold my hand! LOL! I would definitely only be able to read it during the day. There have only been two books that freaked me out enough that I had to stop reading them at night - The Shining and Heart-Shaped Box (which was written by Joe Hill, also known as Stephen King's son).

  7. OMG yes. There are certain people in my life who are MISERABLE complaining about every tiny little thing wrong...but don't care at all about grand injustices like the fact that half the world still experiences genocide. Dude, most of us here are SO LUCKY. Not to be that "it could be worse" person all the time, but yeah it COULD TOTALLY BE WORSE.

  8. The complaining. OMG the complaining. It's horrible and people will complain about any and everything. Where I live is so bad that there is an entire residents FB group devoted solely to complaining about minor inconveniences around our area. I do not belong to and have no plans to join. I cannot.

  9. I can only use spiral notebooks. Weird right? The idea of keeping a notebook open, moleskin or not, is really stressful to me.

  10. I'm too am the worst when driving. In fact, I sometimes choose not to drive because I get so worked up about it. I deal with alot of miserable, negative assholes and it does take its toll. I try to laugh it all off but sometimes its hard. People are just jerks.

  11. I will never understand why people are so miserable and spiteful and hateful. Over a simple question! Over tiny little insignificant things. It blows my mind.

  12. Staying calm in the midst of what's happening now is a skill and gift many don't possess. :)

    Moleskin is love! But I think I'd pass the It.

  13. I don't think I'm brave enough to read IT. I watched it on TV when I was quite young and found it absolutely terrifying!
    Moleskin journals are beautiful :)

  14. I have a moleskin planner and I wanted to love it, but gel pens are definitely visible on the backs of the pages, which is the worst to me. I've had to downgrade to ball point pens and it hurrrttttss in my soul.

    I also hate whiners/complainers, unless it's valid. But also, if you are just whining about something and not trying to change anything about the situation, even if it is valid, then you have a cut off date. I just can't handle all the negativity.