Fall things

  • September 06, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

I'm kind of excited for fall and by that, I mean totally. Of all the seasons, summer and fall are my favourite.  I think it safe to say that 'round here, summer is gone because for the past 2 weeks, my AC has been off, windows open with gray skies, cool breezes and the nights have been chilly.  Not mad at that either.

T.O welcomes September/the start of the fall season with the yearly Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) which is a big carnival that runs for 18 days with lots of food, shopping and rides.  We always go on the last weekend and it was a gorgeous day - sunny with a cool breeze.
 could that sand sculpture be any more Canadian?

On the first chilly night of September, I made my first batch of apple butter. I always save this recipe for the first time it feels like fall and I love the way it makes my house smell like apples and cinnamon!

+ I've already decorated the month of September (in my planner) with all the fall things and bought some adorable new (fall) washi tape.

+ Can I tell you how excited I am to start wearing my boots again?  I usually loathe switching to closed-toe shoes after a long hot summer but we never had one this year and I'm tired of being angry at mother nature for that so bring on the fall weather and clothing!

+ More months of not having to wear a bra, yippee!  Truthfully, I haven't worn a bra for a long time but I do have to wear one at times since my nips can sometimes rebel.  Cooler weather means thick cozy sweaters so nips can rebel whenever they want and no one can see.

+ Crochet season begins soon.  Right now my crochet things have found their place in my craft room (instead of being stored away in a random bag).
totally bragging because those are all brilliant DIY'd containers and signs not even from Pinterest!

+ I get to finally wear my cozy poncho and shawl/scarf that I made last year (but forgot I made it).

What are you excited about for Fall?

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  1. I have absolutely no use for washi tape but the fall tape is so cute. I've already transitioned into boots yesterday, it was fantastic. I wear flip flops all summer so my feet were like 'support? what is this magic?!'

  2. Fall is my favorite time of the year too, although we really don't get much of one in LA. I am definitely jealous of your cooler temps. It's been hot as sin here lately and I don't like it! I love apple butter. My Mom makes a ton and cans it and I love slathering gobs of it over toast.

  3. Yay fall!!! It is my favorite time of year for sure. We are even having cooler weather here in Alabama. It is amazing! I need to make some apple butter and some of those apple muffins again that you sent a while back. Mmmmm my favorite! That washi tape is so cute. I ordered a pair of transitional shoes that should be here Friday. I need to get a few new pairs of closed toe shoes, I destroyed any nice ones I had when I was pregnant lol.

  4. I love pulling out all my knitted stuff to wear too ;)
    So jealous you can go braless. If I wanted to trip over my boobs, I could do it too ;) haha

  5. LOL love that sand sculpture. I miss real fall. Back home in MN it's a perfect 61 degrees right now while I'm sitting here in TX at a balmy 81.

  6. I just opened my windows too which is unheard of at this time of year in GA. Thank you hurricanes kinda, sorta but not really. I just bought some new Bean Boots and I am super excited to break them in!!

  7. The carnival looks like fun!
    I see so many bloggers looking forward to fall. Here we are in spring and I'm looking forward to warmer weather :)

  8. Yay carnival, I LOVE ITTTTT! I need the apple butter recipe to try out.

    Still holding on to summer temps as long as I can, but once 9/22 shows it's face, it's fall on like donkey kong.

  9. oooh washi tape. I have so much it's not even funny. I've been trying to use it more, and I think I'm mostly succeeding. I don't mind having tons of stuff I like... but I hate it when I don't use it! LOL. It has FINALLY felt like fall a few days in a row here, I know it won't last but I already feel physically SO MUCH BETTER. I'm just not cut out for the warmer months. I'm SO excited for fall. Give me all the cozy, spiced, dark colored things. Love the pictures from the carnival! So fun! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  10. Goodness. I wish I could go bra-less. Ha.
    An 18 day festival sounds amazing! All the yummy food!
    And of course now I'm craving apple butter. Haha!

  11. Yes for boots. I love, love, love boots and sweaters.
    Yeah, I could never go bra-less so I'm kinda jelly that you can! Bras are sooo expensive and forever slipping down, digging, etc.

  12. Oh that carnival looks so much fun. Oh that apple butter...amazing. I'm so excited for fall. I haven't yet broke out the sweaters yet but I cannot wait!! Love the cooler temps.

  13. Our fall doesn't really kick in until mid October but I'm so ready. I've not switched out my summer shoes yet though because I've got a ways to go. I'm tired of painting my toenails.