how to snap out of a bad mood when your uterus is ruining everything.

  • August 15, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

No word of a lie, Jon Snow was speaking to me through my period app because this was the message I photoshopped his face onto it.  I think I was the only one who thought this was hilarious because everyone was all "wut...I don't get it".  IT'S GAME OF THRONES/WINTER IS COMING, YOU IDIOTS.

As you can tell, I haven't been in the best of moods.  For some reason, this month has been hell with PMS; like so bad that I'm exhausted all the time and crabby as fuck.  I even skipped out on two workouts because just thinking of driving all the way down to the gym and then working out made me fucking tired. And angry.

Instead, I stayed home, drank wine and ate ice cream. "Sometimes you just need PMS days, you know?"  That's what Nadine told me when I was whining to the Ahole Bros group about feeling guilty for not going to the gym.  She's a wise one, that girl.

Some other things that will help you get into a better mood:

-- Make yourself a yummy cocktail #duh.

-- Giving yourself a facial and while your mask is drying, paint your toenails

-- Binging on Netflix and watching the oldies.  I restarted Friends from season 1.

-- Watch videos of cute animals....particularly ones of adorable parrots stomping around. Also, this caption is on point.

Or watching Leslie Jones and Seth Myers' reaction while watching Game of Thrones.

-- Looking at cute bad dog pictures. Seriously, looking at dog pics really does perk up your mood.

-- Cleaning.  So I'm going to post a picture here and DO NOT JUDGE ME.  We have lived in this house for 11 years. There are 3 adults who cook and my kitchen is a high traffic area so needless to say, I struggle with the floor grout in my kitchen.  I mop every Sunday but with all that cooking going on, it's tough to get ahead of the grime that comes with the territory.

I've tried everything to clean this grossness - steam cleaner, bleach, vinegar/baking soda to no avail and I wasn't in the mood yesterday to put in tons of elbow grease, either.  Just the mere sight of it put me in the danger zone and I was staring down at my grout for the billionth time trying to figure out how to clean it...until I remembered that Borax is the magical powder of warlocks so I decided to let it blow my mind again...and blow it it did.

While I have to do my kitchen one section at a time, LOOK AT THE FUCKING "AFTER" PICTURE.   I even zoomed in to show you just how sparkly grout can get.

What do you do to snap out of a bad mood?

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  1. LOL at our Jon Snow love from yesterday. I seriously love Leslie Jones - she is definitely my SNL fave.

  2. OMG I think I need to go buy some borax this weekend.... That's amazing. Also, can we just outlaw white grout moving forward? It never stays white!

  3. The stomping bird is my favorite! I love a good cleaning session too, I always feel better.

  4. Nadine is definitely a wise one! Netflix binges and cocktails are always a great idea, and check out that tile! I really need to get myself some Borax!

  5. You took my chocolate suggestion to a whole new level with the mint chocolate chip ice cream. I need to treat myself to some of that shizz. YUM!!! And even though I dont watch GOT, I even got the Winter is Coming reference. Idiots. I keep forgetting to put Borax on my grocery list. Doing that now...

  6. Really timely for me. Ive been a bitch all week. Wine helps, a lot. Except no alcho or sugar for me so gym it is and cuddles with my cat :)

  7. I dont even watch GOT & I laughed so hard at Leslie Jones. I need her to be my best friend.

  8. Your floors look incredible. That's freaking amazing!
    I don't watch GoT but I totally got your reference, lol.
    Bad dog pictures are the absolute best. And so it that parrot. Haha!

  9. I used your magical elixir called borax in my bathroom and it is amazing. AMAZING! I need to use it on my grout on my kitchen counter. Yes, my kitchen counter has stupid tiles and it's impossible to keep clean. GRRRR. Sorry to hear about all the PMSing and I agree with Nadine: some days you just gotta let the PMS rule and do whatever makes you feel better. When I'm in a bad mood, sometimes reading works (but not always) or watching a good action movie where lots of things go boom and someone kicks a lot of ass. :D

  10. PMS is the worst and ice cream, naps and skipping a work out are the way to deal with them sometimes. good for you.

  11. Cleaning, Netflix and a cold beer usually do it for me too. I also like to find myself in the YouTube black hole of funny videos.

  12. Now I NEED to get some Borax! Our kitchen floor is awful and impossible to keep clean so I need that stuff! Cleaning (while drinking, haha) usually helps put me in a better mood. There's something about being productive that makes things seem better!

  13. I literally can't with grout. I'm all ohbit's supposed to be that color...or something.

  14. oh my word, the bird stomping is the funniest thing i've ever seen and that caption is fabulous. i need to restart friends. it's been too long! i've been in a funk lately and i'm sure that will help.