Friday Thangs [8-11]

  • August 11, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

This week was pretty much a write-off, in terms of blogging, workouts (sort of) and doing everyday life things.  With family here, we were going from house to house, eating meals for days and just laughing our asses off as family does.  It's so sad that they live so far away but that just makes our get togethers so much sweeter.

And just like that, we're back to life, back to reality. Boo. Even Kayla woke up like this yesterday morning, hating the fact that we had to return to normal life:

+ Interesting thing that happened - our reunion bartender was a contestant on the show The Bachelorette and when my husband - who embarrassingly loves trash tv (including The Bachelorette, The Bachelor etc) - realized it, he had a reaction similar to when I accepted his marriage proposal.
My 80-something year old aunt "he's so handsome! take a picture of us!"

+ A great pic of the Three Amigos. These two chased poor Nori around; his little legs couldn't run fast enough.

+ I've found my reading groove again! For a while, I was distracted by the shiny new Netflix (and Ozark) but I'm back to hitting the books and omg, you guys need to read this:

Next up in the queue:

+ I'm not bad in the kitchen but I've always had trouble making over easy eggs.  Googled "tricks to flip eggs carefully for the perfect over-easy eggs".

+ Isn't this the most adorable pic ever?!

+ I had a dream the other night that we did a home reno and then woke up sad because I haven't done a damn thing with all the grand plans I have for this house....but no more.  I got my butt in gear and began planning Part 1 of this project:  getting a new front door.

Since we moved here, we have the standard builder front door - it's lame and boring and has no personality.  I made a few calls and will be getting several quotes over the next week.

Second:  my kitchen.  While I like our kitchen now, I also sort of hate it #firstworldproblems.  It's dated and my tastes have changed since 11 years ago; instead of the dark wood/modern look, I like French Country influence - white cabinet and walls, light granite or marble counters, a huge farmers sink, bronzed oil faucet.  

I started working the budget to start kitchen renos next spring or summer but then my husband crushed them by saying "oh, we have to do our roof (shingles) next spring because it's time...that would be about $8-10K".

+ I do love Canada...we have our flaws and our winters suck balls but I think for the most part, our citizens are taken care of.  As of January 2018, a new Ontario Pharmacare program will cover all prescription costs of 4400 prescription drugs for people under the age of 25, regardless of income or if they have private insurance.  Seniors already have their drug costs covered.  Reading stuff like this makes me so happy to be Canadian.  Also, this:
Friday Funny:  the cookbook that every kitchen needs!

have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. I'm so in love with Trudeau. If he kissed me on my cheek, I probably would have passed out fallen in the water. Sigh for handsome PMs. That little weenie dog is the cutest ever, and I still love that the hubs loves trash TV!

  2. Yay for family time, I can imagine Kayla's face, how I feel every monday, ha. Your kitchen inspirations look amazing, so something I want in our next house, hopefully one day.

    So the trip with over easy eggs, is the pan heat and the amount of oil in the pan. My husband has slowly perfected this. I"ll ask him for the step by step for you.

  3. You are making all the Americans want to move up to Canada STAT.

    I remember that guy from The Bachelorette. I want to be your aunt when I'm 80 taking pictures with hot guys ;)

  4. Ok the bartender really is a cutie. I prob would have reacted like your hubby if I saw a Bachelor(ette) contestant too lol I love trash tv. PS... the photo of the eggs have me in stitches. #nailedit

  5. i'm still laughing about M and trash TV.
    and that photo of trudeau, the husband is like am i about to lose my new wife? ha.
    hope you get your kitchen done sooner than later! and yay new front door! ours is heavy and huge and white but it's showing a lot of wear so we might have to replace it or something soon. it has an eagle door knocker on it :-|

  6. That picture of the girls with Nori is just amazing, look how cute he poses! I love the look of kitchens like that, but I just cannot commit to anything white. It's too much maintenance for my little OCD heart.

  7. Are you liking that book? I'm so excited you're liking that book! I loved it. I need to get to the second one. I looove that kitchen look. I would much rather have a bright kitchen than dark, as well. I've been stalking Zillow daily because we want to move soon-ish, and a dark, closed in kitchen is a turn off.

  8. I love those kitchen inspirations! LOL I love how excited your husband got & your aunt's reaction is too cute! I suck at flipping eggs.

  9. That chicken cookbook is a little scary...

    And Nori's wild ears are adorable.

    7% Solution

  10. Oh my gosh the girls with Nori. How cute!! Besties right there. LOL on the bachelor stuff. KC is really into podcasts, and these particular brothers who podcast.. I guess one of them has ANOTHER podcast (wow) with is wife where they just talk about the bachelor each week, so KC was like... we should watch it so I can listen to the podcast and not be confused. LOL. Those kitchens are gorgeous! I hope that you are able to start planning it and chipping away despite the roof. We're saving for a home, and like every other week, I'm like.. WHY ARE WE DOING THIS?! It's never ending. :( BOO! Trudeau is a dreamboat. Meanwhile in America, we let Nazis and KKK members "rally" with torches and armor. RAGE. SO MUCH RAGE. I CANNOT EVEN TELL YOU HOW MUCH RAGE. Oh to be Canadian. XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  11. Ugh those kitchen pictures!!! As we are looking at houses, as soon as I see that the kitchen doesn't look like the one above...I quickly exit out of it and find something else. I am all about french country look too!!!! Also, reality sucks.

  12. I'm in love with that dog! It's not yours, is it?
    Love those kitchens you shared. We want to redo our kitchen SO BADLY, but I think we may end up just selling and buying a new house in a few years, so we are stuck with it.

  13. The girls with their doggy friend is adorable! As is the pups with the kittens! Pretty much anything dog related makes me swoon.
    Canada seems great :) Especially in comparison to the weekend's shit show here :( UGH.