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  • June 02, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

Saje Aroma Fairy $14.95 CAD, Saje store.
Purchase reason:  Kayla's sleep went into the shitter, sister highly recommended this (she used this on her daughter).

Results:  did nothing for her sleep, nor mine.  Used this nightly for nearly 2 weeks and there was no change at all.  It does smell good but as for boosting relaxation and sleep? nope.

Recommendation - don't bother.

Natural Calm Magnesium Citrate  $19.99 CAD, Healthy Planet.
Purchase reason:  I read that low magnesium levels contribute to elevated levels of anxiety, restlessness which can lead to disturbed sleep....obviously I was still on the hunt to help Kayla sleep better.

Results:  after just 2 days of taking the recommended dosage, both Kayla and I started sleeping better, she stopped waking up at night or if she did wake up, it was for a very brief moment and went right back to sleep.  It's been over 3 weeks and she feels more alert, her anxiety and nervousness has disappeared, she no longer complains about 'growing pains' and she has not woken me up since she started taking it.

I've also been taking it for as long as she has and my results:  my lower back pain has pretty much disappeared (?!), my knees don't ache anymore (?!), I sleep so.much.better and I'm seriously out cold when I do sleep; a huge difference from the light sleep bullshit I've been experiencing since February.

Recommendation - GET THIS ASAP.

Thinksport SPF 50 for kids sunscreen $19.99 CAD, Healthy Planet.
Purchase reason:  chemical sunscreens are wack and I don't like slathering that shit on Kayla (or myself).

Results:  the two things I don't like about natural sunscreens are 1) the smell - smells like plastic because fragrances aren't added and 2) majority of mineral based sunscreens are too white or chalky.

This sunscreen is great - it's moisturizing, blends well (doesn't turn you into Casper) and has a very light citrus scent.  Kayla has sensitive skin and she hasn't experienced any adverse reactions (yay!).

Recommendation - 100% yes!  It's a bit on the pricy side for sunscreen ($20 CAD or $13USD) but well worth it because it's top rated on the EWG list and also, chemicals suck.

Upcoming reviews:  Beautycounter brightening products.

I just got these yesterday (and started to use them immediately) so a review will be coming in the next few weeks.

What I can tell you is that so far, so good.  After using both last night, there were no adverse reactions to my sensitive skin, they smell very nice (citrus!) and I have a feeling I'm going to love both.  Great for my skin, not so great for the wallet....but then again, I'm no stranger to spending dollah dollah billz y'all on good skin products.

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  1. Glad the magnesium is helping. I'm gonna get the free sample and see what happens for me. And good to know on sunscreen, I don't like expensive but chemicals NOPE!

  2. Cant wait to hear what you think of BeautyCounter because I have heard great things and have been wanting to try some stuff. Do you like Think over Badger for sunscreen for Zoe? I am about to buy some for the beach and trying to decide which one. All I can find in stores is California baby and I want the best one possible. Zoe is super fair skinned.

  3. I need to get a sunscreen, I'll put this one on my list. My makeup has sunscreen but otherwise I'm not currently using anything (to be fair, I'm in the sun less often than a vampire, I hate it) and I need to!

  4. Waiting for a sample of that magnesium to come in! Hopefully I'll sleep better too!

  5. I never knew that about magnesium! So glad it's helped both you and Kayla. Happy Friday <3

  6. What I love about reading blogs is I learn so much, I never knew that about magnesium. I'm going to have to look into getting some. I wonder if that is why my sleep has been off lately. Glad you girls got something that works.

  7. I think my husband and I need the magnesium stuff =/ We sleep terribly and I'm always filled with anxiety. Maybe it'll help!

  8. I just was at the doctor yesterday & she told me to get more magnesium. I'm just afraid its going to mess with my belly - does that bother yours?

  9. I love Beauty Counter stuff.

    Magnesium is the shit.

  10. Magnesium - so interesting. I told Justin about it and we're going to order some.

  11. So do you use the kids CALM or an adult one of the magnesium? I am going to order some!!! My kids both sleep really well but I think the older one is having some growth pains and I'd like to get a leg up on that.

  12. I'm going to hop on this magnesium train asap. I wake up so many times during the night, and that shit needs to end.

  13. Oh good! I don't use chemical sunscreens, but non-chem can be annoying for sure. Tucking this away for later!! Glad the magnesium is working for you guys! :) XO - Alexandra

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