Friday Thangs [6-30]

  • June 30, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

+ It's been a while since I've been sick enough to miss a whole week of workouts; it seems that whatever virus I caught that made my throat hurt sped down to my chest to set up camp and I've been a coughing mess since. Rude.  I must have some kind of bionic virus because none of my usual ass-kicking remedies worked (?!) and had to pay a visit to my doctor.

What I love about my doc is that she's not a scriptbot ie. she doesn't dole out prescriptions on the regular.  She's of the 'let your body fight it' ilk and often recommends natural remedies, only using actual meds as a last resort..... like this natural remedy she gave me on Tuesday - Natural cold and flu tea.

credit: iStockphoto

It has cloves (for phlegm), turmeric (anti-bacterial), cinnamon (anti-viral), ginger (immune boosting).  Not going to lie - it's not the best tasting tea but if it'll help, then I'll Frank the Tank it.

+ Got my corporate taxes done and damn, even after 17 years of self-employment, the year end taxes still hurt.
*actual footage of the government taking taxes.

+ Can't wait to dig into these babies this weekend.

+ this shirt wins the internet this week.

+ Since Canada is being a bitch and giving us shitty weather (rain, clouds, hail, more rain, cold weather) I'm still looking like Casper and it's the end of June #rude. In order to look like a bronzed goddess, I'm trying this out for 2 weeks.  Bonus - I had $10 off (in points) so used that as well.
Face self tanners usually dry out my skin but since you're supposed to use 3 drops and mix with your moisturizer, I'm hoping that will counter the drying effects.  Will report back in my next Honest Reviews post.

+ Being a cheap bitch pays off - I had to replace my laser printer toner and every site and store were selling originals for $112 per cartridge PLUS shipping.  WTF.  I am not ok with that price and so begun the hunt for cheaper toner pricing.  I did see OEM, remanufactured or compatible cartridges going for $59-79 but I'm not thrilled about using refurb toners since I read that they can bleed or cause streaks during printing.

After scouring the internet and using different search criteria to find cheaper original cartridges, I finally found one for $79 + free shipping .... at Costco of all places!  Costco doesn't automatically come up when searching for toners but my cheap chinawoman ways  are so wily, the internet can't handle it.


It's a long weekend for Canadians as we celebrate Canada's 150th birthday!  We'll continue to celebrate Kayla's birthday at my sisters and doing some outdoor festivals.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. haha "head receiver". Hope you feel better girl and gold your doctor isn't a prescribe first, figure it out later kinda doc.

  2. Well done finding the cheaper toner. I'm soooo lazy, I sometimes search twice and think nope, nothing else is out there. Hope the tea helps you feel better. Your funnies are so on point today, especially the muscle show and the head receiver, hilarious!

  3. Everyone's Friday favorites memes kill me. I sat at my desk and laughed for 5 minutes about the owl one. :)
    Stewie beating the shit out of Brian is EXACTLY how I feel about taxes. Ha.

  4. I'd let that guy in the blue trunks win for dedication and confidence. LOL. Those memes are so hilarious. I wonder why I haven't found them til now.

    I got sick too so I can relate. Hope you have a much better new month.

  5. DYING at that last photo of the prep, and of the owl eyes. HAHA. I love your doctor, we need more like her in this tainted world.

  6. Those funnies are all too accurate. Especially that last one.. like, I showed up, so that earns me some points, right?? I hope you feel better.. I'm all about antibiotics if I need them, but I usually try the natural stuff first. I'm not ready for my kid to be able to get back out of bed and ask me for things after I put her to bed. Do I just have to wait for her to be a teenager to take care of this sleep thing herself? Lol. Nevermind, I don't want to know.