Friday Five

  • June 09, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

I love short work weeks; I got back to work on Tuesday after a fantastic 8-day staycation and it was glorious.  I napped and drank wine errday, putt around the house and just did what I want and what's even better? TODAY IS MY LAST DAY OF WORK!  I return mid-August when my project moves into delivery.

So not only is it my last day before my early summer begins but I'm being taken out for lunch AND we're finally getting summer weather this weekend.  It'll be hot and sunny and summery for the rest of next week as well so what does that mean? kicking back with a nice cocktail in  my backyard and chilling with a book, that's what.

+ Or maybe I'll just try each of these wine cocktails which are perfect for hot summer weather!

+ When looking for something and you come across some of your husband's gift cards, you automatically know he would want you to have them because he loves you #lol #obviously #deadserious.

+ Got my new muay thai gloves! I can finally retire my old gloves that stink like ass.  That's what constant training does to gloves, btw. #treatyoself.

+ The internet was hella rude to me earlier this week. I took this quiz and based on my daily habits, it guessed that was at least 70.  Actually, everyone in the Ahole Bros group pretty much got the same - between the 50-70yr old range. Old bitches FTW!

+ Silicon Valley season 4! who else is watching?


I legit will be doing this at 3pm today as I leave the office and begin my summer early!!  

Have a great weekend!

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  1. YAY have a great last day!!! Hope you enjoy your summer off!! I love your decision to use any gift cards you find...I am the same if I find money in pockets still when I'm doing laundry ;);)

  2. I really need to get back on Silicon Valley. Teh German doesn't really GET it though, so it's a me only show, which makes it more difficult to watch.

  3. Woohoo for being off the rest of the summer, how exciting. Those funnies are super awesome, just classic.

  4. Hell will be Lit... that so made me laugh.
    OHHHH - having long hair, my head hurt thinking of that person standing with the tied up hair.
    I'll say it for you saying 70 years old - F YOU INTERNET!!!

  5. Hell is gonna be super Lit!

    Congratulations on the summer vacation! I believe you should drink all the drinks!

    If I find gift cards that are unused they are automatically meant for me because hey I found them!

  6. LOL that's me at wine tastings! Enjoy every second of your summer, you totally earned it. Not to say that I'm not super jealous :-P

  7. LMAO "you are at least 70." I just took the quiz and thought I'd get the same answer, but I surprisingly got "early 30." Pretty close, since I'm late 20s.

  8. I am so jealous of your last day -- PLEASE TAKE ME WITH YOU ( to Justin trudeau's house)....... I love that we are all old ladies. it's more fun that way.

  9. LOL at yoga pants being on the eternal damnation list. Ok age quiz... 50s. LOL. I think the only things that kept me out of the 70s were (a) ordering pizza weekly and (b) never reading the news. Hate the news.

  10. Soo jealous that you have the summer off!! That is so awesome!!

  11. I love the refrigerator revenge.

    Enjoy your first weekend of freedom :)


  12. That staycation sounds amazing! And enjoy your early summer! I am off this Thursday to next Tuesday and I can't wait to just relax!