Weekending & Shizz [5-29]

  • May 29, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

My last normalization call for this release was on Friday and I hung up with a huge grin on my face because it's over! the release is over!

This week is my staycation. It was a last minute decision because I thought we had one more week of normalization so when I found out we were done as of Friday, I immediately turned to the director and PM and said "oh, well in that case, I'm taking next week off....see ya!"

One highlight of my weekend:  Kayla is learning how to make simple meals (of her own volition) and on Saturday evening, she asked if she could make the salad for dinner....while I sat back and supervised with wine #lifegoalachieved.

As she grows older, she's more independent and busy which means stealing hugs, cuddles or kisses is becoming the norm around here.... but there are times she just wants to revert back to when she was a wee baby and be close to mama and daddy.  I immediately dropped the book I was reading because I'll take these snuggles over anything.

I quit work early on Friday to start my vacation off right - a 60 minute acupuncture treatment for my back and shoulder (it's been bugging me for months) followed by an amazing 90 minute massage.  Walked out of there feeling like jelly and shoulder mobility is 80% better...I swear, acupuncture is the best.

So what do I plan to do during my staycation? anything I want, that's what. 100% relaxing, 0% of shit I don't want to do so here's what I do want to do during my time off:

Try some jiu jitsu classes.  I was reading a book that described a rape scene which got me thinking about Kayla's safety.  Muay Thai is awesome for self defence but jiu jitsu is great for close encounter attacks.  I wouldn't mind learning this martial art either, so during my week off, I'll be visiting 3 studios, trying out some classes and checking out the kids program.

Read.  Books are on their way for me and Kayla

Get shizz in order.  With the chaos that was my project, planning and other important things have fallen by the wayside. Twice this past month I nearly missed bill payments which is not normal for me.  This week I'll be getting my planner in order, making sure that all finances are on point and finally meeting up with my FA that I've been putting off for weeks.

Win a contest.  I never participate in radio contests but I am for this one...a local radio station plays a sound for which you have to be the 25th caller to guess the sound and for every wrong answer, they increase the jackpot by $104.....right now the jackpot is $9706! and I know what the answer is but dammit, I can't get through!

That's our Hawaii 2018 money right there so now I've enlisted my husband to listen and call as well.  Wish us luck.

Catching up on blogging.  When life turns to shit, blogging is the first thing to go.  I try and read/comment on blogs but sometimes it's just too much so I mark everything as 'read' and call it a day.

With some free time, hopefully I'll have some posts written and scheduled ... or maybe not...I guess it all depends on how much laziness prevails.

Catching up on shows.  Do you know that I haven't watched any TV since....I have no idea.  Scandal, Homeland, Lucifer.....all of my shows have started already and I haven't been able to watch one single episode.  Binge watching will ensue.

Happy Monday!

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  1. I'm on a staycation this week too... with plans to try & get my life more organized. YUCK... but needed.

  2. Lucifer is so good this season!!!! One of my favorites for sure. And Scandal was really good this past season too!! Love that Kayla is all about snuggles still. I hope Zoe will still want them. I am trying to soak up every single one of them now because you can never have enough! Hope you enjoy your staycation! cant wait to hear about your new classes you are trying. Send the ahole bros the selfies!!!

  3. Hope you have a great staycation! You deserve it!! I love that picture of you and Kayla snuggling :) My oldest is almost never snuggly except right before bed and first thing in the morning so I really try to get those cuddles in as much as I can...the younger one is a cuddle monster but I still love it ;)
    Good luck with the radio contest!!!

  4. Good luck on the radio contest! That is so annoying to know the answer and not get through. Love that Kayla can do some extra work for you around the house... if only they came out of the womb with those skills... :)

  5. That radio contest goal is hysterical. I hope you guys win, though!!
    Oof. I need to bulk up and/or take a self-defense class. I believe I have the anger to fight back, but I don't have the strength =/

  6. Good luck on the contest! Sounds like a great week off is coming up.

  7. I'm so jealous that you're on staycation. We just got back from vacation and I felt like work punched me in the face today.

  8. Oh my gosh... you NEED to win that contest. I am crossing my fingers over here. LOL.

    Enjoy your much deserved time off!

  9. Enjoy your staycation. Kayla is too sweet I'm loving those photos. Post wedding weekend here is time for us to get back on things as well. We did a major apartment clean on Sunday because I was going CRAZY. There hadn't been any time. We even bought some modest groceries and did some fun things. What is this?! :P XO- Alexandra

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