• May 03, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

Work is really sucking the life out of everything, including blogging.  I have back to back deployments every weekend until May 14 and guess what? I have to work on Mother's Day as well.  Rage.  But the end is near, I can almost taste it...I just have to hang on for a few more weeks and then things will calm down (hopefully).

Since I knew that work will rob me of fun Mother's Day festivities, I've planned my Mother's Day things in advance:

-- a wonderful 90 minute massage Thursday afternoon.
-- a luxurious facial Friday after work.
-- going to get my hair did the Wednesday after Mother's Day.

Oh, did I tell you that I had to bow out of New York again?  Last year when we planned to go to NYC for my husband's race (GFNY), the same project moved deployment dates and I had to stay behind. This year, the same thing happened. AGAIN. With the same project. WTF.  Because of this, I'm going to work from home during the days I originally had off.....they can make me stay in the city (and work) but they can't make me come into the office!

Some other happenings:

// I did not expect to really like this book; as in so much so, that I finished it in a day and half.

// Unless I miss the due date, I will not pay any fine; no matter how little.  I dropped off my books on the due date yet I saw a $0.30 overdue fee on my library account.  I immediately called them to rectify this...something that my husband laughed at because it was only a measly $0.30 but it's the principle, amiright?  why should I accept this charge when I didn't even miss the date?  I swear, I heard him whisper "cheap chinawoman!" under his breath. Rude.

// I love my husband dearly but his lack of attention to important things, like sales and prices for things, drive me crazy.  The other night he went and bought 2 water bottles for himself and Kayla but didn't even look at what he was being charged (which was full price) when, online, they're on sale.  It's like he doesn't even know me.

// Taxes are done (finally) and I'm getting a fat refund.

// I've always wanted to go to Hawaii but balked at the distance because I don't do well with flights that are 4+ hours.  The last time I was on a plane longer than 5hrs (Italy), I ate one of my mom's valium, passed out cold and then woke up at Heathrow. It was the best.

We decided earlier this week that we're going to Hawaii for 15 wonderful days in August 2018.  Hopefully we can book our timeshare there and get accommodations on the cheap and vacation planning begins now.

// That fat tax refund? I usually roll that right back into investments but it's going towards Hawaii instead.  That makes me a bit uncomfortable because it's not like me to throw that kind of cash towards vacations but #yolo.

// Speaking of yolo, I reintroduced Pizza Fridays and Kayla was ecstatic.  Since going grain free 3 years ago, we dropped that from our lives but it's back and we had a blast last week listening to old school jams, making pizza and Kayla used cookie shapes to make hers.

//  With work sucking major bag, a night out with the girls at a seafood place was just the thing I needed.  While I wanted to face plant into the bread (I didn't), I face planted into the 2 dozen oysters we ordered...plus some bubbly.

My days typically has me running around resolving defects and mobilizing teams to work on shit before deployment so I don't know when the next time I'll be able to blog but I hope you all are doing well. 

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  1. aaand you just reminded me i need to book my facial too!!!

  2. Being so busy that you can't really live is hard. Hopefully this season is over soon!
    I also am terrible at long flights. My husband gives me ZQuil and that knocks me out.

  3. Work is always such a fun suck! I'm sorry you have to work on Mother's Day & miss NY again! Hell yeah for Hawaii, fat refunds, & spa treatments though!

  4. 15 days in HI?!?! So jelly over here!!!! Fuck work so hard!!! And I would have said something about the overage fee too in principle. Target does this thing where if you buy a certain amount of lunch meat you get cheese for free. Well for two or three weeks, the cashiers never rung it up right and i was paying for the cheese. Enraged i went to customer service the next week with my receipts and was like "I want my free cheese!!!" Chris was with me and he said I was very passionate about my $3.48 and he thinks that everyone at target calls me the cheese bitch now. And anytime I get made about customer service or something chris says "here comes the cheese bitch!!" Ummm groceries are expensive, I will take any extra dollars I can damnit!

    1. I had to comment on this -- cheese bitch! BAHHAHAHA.

  5. Your Hawaii vacation sounds like a dream!!! I'm so glad that you just said fuck it and booked it. Life's too short! And Friday pizza nights sound awesome! Kayla's turned out so cute!

  6. HAHA the 30 cents. Love. I would have done the same thing, I don't even care how little the amount is for. If it's not my fault, I'm not paying a penny.
    Hawaii sounds like it'll be fantastic! Good luck with the flight...

  7. Oof- I've just come out of the work tunnel dazed and confused. May is slower for me... but June/July/Aug/early Sept are going to CRUSH me. So.... yay for May...?
    Hawaii sounds LOVELY. Can I slip into your suitcase? :)

  8. It's DEFINITELY the principle. I would have complained about my $.30 too!

    OMG Mr. Sass is like that too. The grocery store overcharged me like $.45 and I went up and wanted it back, and he was so embarrassed because they had to call up a manager to give me that back. I was like, DON'T CARE, what if they did this to everyone! So now I religiously check my receipts. I know what things should cost, so good luck pulling one over on me.

    Sucky that you have to work on Mothers Day, but I hope you get to enjoy yo treat yoself time. :)

  9. Oh gosh that sounds crazy. Busy times at work are THE WORST for me. But I also do not like my job. Ha. Good for you treating yourself for Mother's Day anyhow! Oh my lord. 15 days in Hawaii. Yes Please! Kayla is looking way excited about pizza night. I love it! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  10. I could never make it to Hawaii... ever...

  11. I hear you about work, things were going well and now well I'm swamped with projects until August. So much for time off this summer. My sister doesn't like to fly long hours either. In fact, one hour into our flight to London, shes goes This is the last time I'm going here, I hate flying. Not even home for one day and she goes when are we going back?? LOL.

  12. Vacations are always worth the expenditure.

  13. Sorry to hear that work is so crazy busy right now. It doesn't seem fair that you have to work Mother's Day but I'm glad that you scheduled some very nice treat yoself gifts! I've never been to Hawaii, although I definitely want to go there. 15 days would be so nice! I could bask in the sun by the beach to which my brain says, "Tanya, you live in LA". To which I reply "shut up". And people wonder about my sanity. :D

  14. That Hawaii trip sounds amazing!! So fun for all of you!! So disappointing about all the work deadlines but hopefully you are able to catch a break with all of that soon!! Great that you are still managing to squeeze in some you time around mother's day!!

  15. A trip to Hawaii sounds amazing! I've always wanted to vacation there. I also don't do that well on plane rides longer than 3ish hours - but I have Ativan on hand in case I do ever get to fly overseas. Enjoy!

  16. Being crazy busy is rough. But hey, 15 days in Hawaii to look forward to! I hope I can travel there someday.

  17. Ohh what do you do for work? Sounds similar to what I'm dealing with lately..I work on a mobile app and we have a big release coming out soon so we've been doing lots of deployments every weekend to test it out. It's not the best but I can't wait for the new app to be ready!

    Thanks for linking up and I hope things calm down! Sounds like you have some nice things planned for yourself..much deserved!

  18. I hate when work is a fun suck like that but yay for Hawaii! I'd love to go there someday.

  19. i am pretty sure i read that exact book the other day, i know it was sandra brown but i don't remember the title. the one with the cabin in the woods right? i LOVED IT. couldn't put it down. boo for work and NYC. lame.
    Hawaii!!!! how exciting. taking a valium and being knocked out for a long flight sounds amazing. our flight to NZ is like 13 hours from LA. YAY NOT.

  20. Ah it sucks that you have to work on mother's day but sounds like you have some good pampering planned! A trip to Hawaii sounds amazing, I've always wanted to go. Good luck with the trip planning and I'm sure spending the tax return on it will be so worth it :)

  21. That first sentence? Me too. I feel you.
    I actually enjoy longs flights. Yes, I am a weirdo.

  22. Sorry work has been sucking so much, but glad you're treating yourself for Mother's Day. And Hawaii - JEALOUS! Cannot wait to live vicariously through your trip!