Things you should do.

  • May 18, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

+ Take magnesium.  Have trouble sleeping? feeling anxious or restless, especially in the evenings/night?  Feel any of these symptoms? If so, try increasing your magnesium food intake or, if you don't usually eat magnesium rich foods, take this supplement.  I've been taking it for nearly a week (Kayla as well) and both of us have seen a great improvement in the quality of our sleep AND my back issue that's been plaguing me for months? it's gone. GONE. #mindblown.

+ Read American Assassin.  If you like action packed, covert ops spy adventures, this book is for you.

+ Eat a donut and don't feel guilty about it.  After a hellish few months and a really REALLY long deployment ON MOTHER'S DAY, I wanted a donut so I went and got one, goddammit.  Felt zero guilt about eating it, too.

+ Go outside your fitness comfort zone and try a martial arts class.  That can be anything - Muay Thai, kick boxing, BJJ (jiu jitsu), TKD, Krav Maga etc.  Fellow ahole bro, Kristen, tried it and loves it!.

+ Say "no" to invitations.  We got invited to a (kid) birthday party but I hardly know the parents and I don't even know which son is celebrating the birthday so I declined.  Didn't feel bad about that either.

+ Stop inviting flaky friends.  You know how you just tolerate some people because they know your inner circle?  There's one person who is always flaking out for one reason or another so I just stopped inviting her. I only did it out of courtesy anyway but now I'm just going to save myself the trouble and not even bother.  Problem solved.

+ Report those noisy neighbours.  I pay my motherfucking taxes so I deserve to live in an area where I don't have to put up with any annoying and unreasonable noise.  Like my fucking punkass neighours who love to start playing basketball at 9pm on a fucking Monday night or invite their asshole friends to sit in the driveway and rev their shitbox engines or holler and scream like a bunch of hoodlums.  Last night that bullshit went on until well past 11pm so this morning, I reported their asses to my city and they'll be sending over a by-law officer to talk to the parents.

I've been asked to record their actions to 'build my case' which isn't a far stretch from what I do now.

Do you do any of these things or am I just a curmudgeony old hag?

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  1. So glad that the magnesium is working for you guys!!! I cant stand inconsiderate assholes, but especially when I have to live next to them. Alf!!!! haha!

  2. Hmmm gotta look into the magnesium. Since having my daughter I am definitely more anxious, but don't think it's quite extreme enough to be PPD or need anxiety meds (yet, anyway).

  3. I'm off to look at that magnesium supplement right now! Glad its helping with the sleep!!!

  4. Curmudgeonly old hag! lololol I'm totally going to try out magnesium. I am anxious ALL of the time. I'm glad it's working for you and K.

  5. I have been taking magnesium for awhile and I find that when I am able to remember to take it consistently, it definitely helps. I take Vitamin D too which I find helps my overall mood and energy level. We used to have extremely loud neighbours across the street but we are lucky they moved and everyone else is pretty low-key and quiet...that is definitely the worst!!!

  6. Yes about eating the donut!! I need to try magnesium!

  7. I tolerate barking dogs but my patience for neighborhood noise stops there. Luckily all ours are cool and I've seen everyone up early to get to work on the weekdays. We had the ones to the right have a sweet sixteen last summer but it was on a Saturday and they warned us in advance, which was nice of them. Plus I think they only played music outside until like 11 anyway, so no big deal. I've had neighbors in apartments that I hated, like, dude the walls are thin settle fucking down at 2 am for the love of god. That shit will not stand. Take em down!

  8. Hm.. I've never thought about taking a magnesium supplement. I already take a multi vitamin so do you know how much magnesium to take on top of that? Ugh, neighbors! Apartments were the worst. Thankfully our neighbors are pretty quiet but they are hoarders so their houses look like junk. :(

  9. Eat donut and not feel guilty about it! Yes! Yes! YES!!!

  10. I love the donut advice! I got some fancy donuts Thursday night & I've been enjoying having one for breakfast the past couple of days.