Things I'm proud of.

  • May 31, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

We tend to tread a thin line between talking/blogging about ourselves while not trying to come off as arrogant or douchey but not today.  Today I want to tell you what I'm most proud of because it's my blog and I do what I want (you should, too).

+ My physical fitness at age 41.  I've been an active person for most of my life (minus the 7 years of fappiness when I met my husband) but I have never been this physically fit - lean, muscular and strong.  My cardio endurance is amazing; I barely get my heart rate up if I run up a flight of stairs and I can actually feel my heart rate decelerating quickly when it does.  I have never felt that before!

+ My punches and kicks.  I spend a lot of time working on my punches and kicks to be more powerful and precise.  There have been times where I can overhear my trainer (while I'm hitting the bag or pads) telling others to watch what I'm doing and look at the power I'm generating from my form and technique.

+ My well-behaved daughter.   My husband and I were on a lunch date when our server asked us where our daughter was.....which surprised me because this place gets a ton of customers.  She then proceeded to describe Kayla and stated that she remembers her because she's so well-behaved and polite #parentingwin.

Many times people have told me that Kayla is such a well-behaved child and they ask "what do you do? how did you do that?" and my answer to that is "by being a strict tiger mom", that's how.  I'm hard on her when it comes to manners, respect and not being an asshole to others. I teach her about proper behaviour, reprimand her immediately when she's being a little shit and I always follow through on my punishments.  Does that make me her least favourite parent? probably. Ok, yes it does but do I care? nope. I'm her mother, not her friend and as her mother, I have to make the hard choices and do the "mean" things so she doesn't become one of those entitled little shitheads that society hates.

+ My incredible ability of not giving a fuck.  For as long as I can remember, I've always been this way; even throughout those angsty teen years.  I had zero time for rude bitches or drama bullshit throughout high school and was 100% happy and comfortable in my skin.

I continue this amazing and cheery disposition right through adulthood...I only concern myself with things that matter both in my personal and work life which equates to a seriously happy and content life.  Not giving a fuck truly is liberating.

+ My resistance and determination.  When I set a goal in my head, I go balls to the wall until I accomplish my goal. When I said I was cutting out all junk food and years later, going grain free, I cut all processed/junk/sweets and grain based products out of my life and stuck to that with zero cheating for years. YEARS.  Was it hard? of course it was but I was determined to do it right.  It's this determination (and resistance to bullshit) that has lead me to where I am and what I have today.

+ My skin.  People are often surprised when they find out I'm in my 40s because my skin is firm, smooth and has very little wrinkles.

What are some things you're proud of?

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  1. I need to learn to not give a fuck. The older I get, the more I seem to give, which seems backwards. Love that they know Kayla as a good, quiet kid!

  2. You should definitely be proud of all of those things, you're a badass. And Kayla is a fantastic kid, thank god you're not raising an asshole. I was naturally a shy and quiet kid but still, my mom was my mother, not my friend. She's my friend now of course, but not back then. You have to draw the line, it's so important!

  3. You seriously do have the best skin!!!! I think it is awesome that Kayla is so well mannered and behaved. I am hoping that Zoe will be the same way. I dont want to raise a little shit, that is for sure! And you are seriously the most badass person I know when it comes to fitness!!!!

  4. Yessss to all of this! Kayla is absolutely amazing, and your skin - goals!!! <3

  5. I wish I could be more like you, you are so awesome!! I wish I could learn how to not give an Fuck but its so hard for me.

  6. I have to confess - I'm so jealous of ALL of these things that you are amazing at. Really - you are ROCKING IT lady!!!

  7. It's because you're a fucking badass! You SHOULD be proud of all these things. I work on being strict-ish with my niece. I've treated her like a person and not a child since Day 1 and she's a smart-as-a-whip, sassy, speaks-her-mind 5 year old because of it. The resistance, and what I would refer to as discipline, sweet Jesus do I need to work on that.

  8. Hell yeah :) I think you definitely live your life in the badass of ways. Especially when it comes to fitness, parenting, and self-care!

  9. I refuse to raise an asshole and if it makes me mean and strict, so be it. But whatever I'm doing seems to be working because I get compliments on how well behaved and nice Erica is.

    I think I'm proud of the fact that, despite depression kicking my ass lately, I have not once thought about giving up on certain goals.

  10. Nothing makes me happier when people tell me my children are so well-behaved. Kudos to you Mama! She'll thank you when she's older. :)

  11. I love that you bragged on yourself. Sometimes it's good to remind ourselves how awesome we are. And I love how well behaved Kayla is, I can only hope Sheffield is the same.

  12. This is awesome. We all need to give ourselves props for the awesome things in life. I love your parenting mantra, reminds me of how I was raised. I don't understand when parents became friends to their kids, that strikes me as odd. I mean, I friends with my mom now, as an adult, but not back as a kid.

    Your determination and not giving a flying fuck is so inspirational. I wish I had more of that attitude, I really do.

  13. Also always not given a fuck but still manage to give less and less of one. Love it!