May 2-4 long weekending & shizz.

  • May 23, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

What a welcome this past long weekend has been because it's the first weekend that I didn't have a deployment.

+ I was a single parent for the weekend because my husband was in NYC racing at the Gran Fondo.  This is his second time and here are his results:

Awesome, right?  for someone who just loves to cycle, coming in that place out of over 2000 cyclists (including pros) is pretty damn good.

+ It was just me and my mini me so we got dressed up on Saturday for a nice dinner. Ok, she got dressed up and loved all the attention her outfit got in everywhere she went, people were complimenting her. The ladies at the restaurant wouldn't stop fawning all over her and gave her free stuff.  She'll definitely be wearing this outfit more often.
FYI, she doesn't need glasses but they "completed the look", according to MY EIGHT YEAR OLD.

+ I'm not a fan of letting children rot their brains on electronics for hours on end so I like to encourage other creative activities like painting.  We went out and grabbed a bunch of Dollarstore canvases and at the end of it, we played "art gallery" (had to "buy a ticket" and everything).  She gave one of the paintings to her grandmother who nearly cried when she opened it.

+ I tend to drink wine in pretty much any glass closest to me so I thought it was time class this shit up and get real wine glasses.

+ Tested these babies out (they work) and had a few minutes to kick back with my book while the little one did her chores.

Want to know what irks me? when you post this picture and some twat gasps in horror that a child is folding laundry "why would you make her do that? she should be playing!!". Oh, the abuse! someone call CPS and report that this 8yr old child is learning how to be a responsible, self-sufficient person instead of an entitled lazy brat!  Give me a fucking break and STFU.

+ Yesterday was a holiday for us so we spent it at the gym.  Kayla has her level 4 Muay Thai test next weekend so training has begun and I've been pushing her hard - pad work, bag work, strength and conditioning (50 of each: burpees, push ups, sit ups, squats), 3 minute drills, shadow boxing.  She woke up today so sore but check out her form (we just need to work on her guard).

+ This book. Get on it, asap.

+ I'm still feeling the effects of those long hours and never-ending deployments that on Sunday night, I was wiped. I lay on the couch dozing in and out of sleep when I feel a little body cuddling up to mine.  Kayla is such an active child that at times, she hardly has time to cuddle but that evening, she lay on me like she used to when she was a baby and snuggled right into me.

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  1. Your husband did awesome! Congrats to him!!! I can't believe someone commented on the picture of Kayla saying she should be playing?!! That's what is wrong with today's kids. I had chores I had to do every day around her age until I moved out. Now I'm a responsible adult that doesn't expect shit to be done for me and I can function on my own. That's what you're supposed to do!! Love her outfit!!! Complete the look. LOL!!!

  2. Ok so not only can your 8 year old kick my ass, she's also a better painter and a better dresser. Cool...

  3. Love a good book recommend!!!
    Your little diva is STYLIN'!!!!! ... she totally has a 'completed look' ... it really is adorable.
    Giving you a HIGH FIVE for being a mom that promotes not living on electronics & tapping into a creative side!

  4. I LOVE that last picture of you and Kayla! Beautiful! She is a little styling girl and those glasses do complete the outfit. :D Congrats to the hubs on a great race. I can't believe someone complained about Kayla folding laundry. Kids should have chores! Because, ya know, some day they gonna be big and have to do shit on their own.

  5. Yay Beartown!! Please share your thoughts when you finish!! Kayla is getting so strong!! And I love her outfit too...she has great fashion sense :) I hate when people say things like that a kid should be playing makes me want to say that kids get plenty of play time if they have reduced/zero screen time, ya know?! Your husband did so well!! You must be proud and looking forward to his return home :)

  6. Umm. I feel like your child is nothing short of a badass. Artistic, strong, smart, quick, and diligent. Anyone who gives you shit about any of that is off their rocker.
    That last picture of you and Kayla is GORGEOUS! You need to frame that!

  7. Oh my gosh, I LOVE her outfit! Those classes totally complete the look.
    Painting canvases, so fun! I should do that with Caleb.
    Yeahhhh, definitely fine for her to fold laundry and do chores. Don't you love unsolicited parenting advice? I just got some last night in fact, about Caleb being in a crib.
    I love that photo of you two. So sweet.

  8. Wait. People comment that on chore photos?

    Lol @ glasses completing the look

  9. Congrats to your husband!

    I love her outfit and she is absolutely right about the glasses!

    People are crazy. My three-year-old has minimal chores but I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. She still plays all the time she just has to help her pick up her toys when she's done playing. What is wrong with that? Answer nothing.

  10. Those photos are too sweet. Congrats to your husband, and goodness Kayla is fashionable. I feel that way about my 10 YO sister. She's the cutest. Good for you getting real wine glasses. I totally understand though. I want to read Bear Town! Yay for chores and for doing non-brain-rotting activities! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  11. How darling is your mini me! Congrats to your husband, he rocked that race! And yessss to all the wine and real wine glasses :)

  12. Props to your husband, that is sooooo awesome. Love the outfit Kayla wore, so chic! We [three sisters] were responsible for folding laundry, cleaning our rooms, cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming and dusting, unloading the dishwasher and setting the table as chores. I can't believe someone said that to you, egad!

  13. Congrats to your husband! That's really impressive!

    Kayla seems like such a cool kid. Girl has some skills too!

    People who bitch can suck it. My parents had us do all sorts of chores growing up. Guess what? We didn't grow up to be incompetent entitled brats because of it. We knew how to take care of our own stuff & what work was.

  14. Congrats to your hubby!! That is so fantastic. Kayla has some skills. Nothing wrong with children having chores. I work with someone whose child is now 19 (ok, not a child) and she has decided that she needs a break and is not going to work this summer. I was shocked! Oh and she doesn't drive either. Three months off from school and she isn't gonna work and her mom is ok with it. Maybe I should be as well but it just doesn't seem right. But what the hell do I know.

  15. Your daughter seems like an absolute blast! Many faceted indeed.

    7% Solution

  16. Thanks for raising your kid in the best way possible :)

    My job was laundry and I hated it but it builds character. There's too many kids without character out there.