Weekending & Shizz [3-20]

  • March 20, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

Work has been kicking my ass these past 2 weeks.  I got assigned to another project (which makes 3) because apparently, they need "guidance" but let's just call it what it is:  they just need someone to throw down the hammer and basically get shit moving so they can deploy on time....they also know that I don't mind being the office bitch to do that.

Because of this shitty new work schedule:

Blogs have been forgotten (thank goodness for scheduled posts).

Planning has been forgotten WHAT?  I actually hate when this happens because things start getting overlooked....like forgetting to renew my library book that I'm halfway done and now I can't renew it since someone else is in line BUT WHAT HAPPENS IN THE STORY?!

Appointments were nearly forgotten (had to call and reschedule which I hate doing).

Want to know what else gets forgotten? paying the damn parking meter due to being on a (work) conference call before my appointment and then just strolling into my appointment because Calgon, Take Me Away.....only to realize, part-way through my treatment, I forgot to pay the meter and then walking out to this:

Hopefully, this week will be better and it should be since on Friday, I made them stay in the boardroom with me for 2.5 hours and discuss all items calmly and rationally so we can close out all of the "issues"....and out of the FOUR PAGES of "urgent issues", there were actually only two that needed action; and only one was urgent.

Anyway.... some stuff that happened over the weekend:

+ Lately, Kayla's sleep has been straight up wack.  She used to be a dream sleeper - down at 8pm, up at 7am and only woke up if she was sick or got a nose bleed.

Now it seems that she wakes up every night and for some reason, feels the need to wake us up as well....for what? I HAVE NO IDEA. As in she'll come to our room and whisper "Mommy! Daddy!". Rage.  I did a full eval on her - nothing is amiss at school, she's doing well with friends and classes/grades, having a blast at camp, comes home happy and looks forward to going to school.  She doesn't have screen time during the week and we read a lot .... SO WHAT GIVES?

Enter: essential oils.
My sister has been using this essential oil mixture with her daughter for a while and she says it works like a dream. If this works on my niece, who is worse than Kayla in terms of sleep, I'll try it.

This is a blend of lavender, marjoram and orange; all for reducing stress, nervousness and promoting sleep.  I'll let you know how it goes (and will even try it on myself to test).

+ Fancy date night was on Saturday and the husband surprised me by taking me to George Restaurant.

Rated as one of the top restaurants in Toronto, we decided against the a la carte menu and went straight for the 7 course tasting menu (read: the chef surprises you with each dish).  It was delicious. I love not knowing what's coming next and listening to them explain each dish.

Funny story of the night:  when dessert came, "happy anniversary" was written on our plates and our server congratulated us on our "anniversary".  My face:

I was about to say something like "oh, you have the wrong table" but when I looked at my husband, he was all:
Turns out that he straight up LIED and told the restaurant that we were "celebrating an anniversary" (??) yet forgot to tell me about it.  We had a good laugh.

+ Kayla wanted to be twins.

+ My lower back is feeling much better now that rehab is happening; it's almost back to normal thanks to acupuncture, cupping and massage.  During my research in lower back pain, I read that it's usually the result of a weak core (not possible) or weak hamstrings and back muscles....which could be possible since I've been slacking on weight training in lieu of more muay thai.

And so, I've dedicated the past 3 weeks to lifting, focusing on full functional circuits and strengthening my hammies and back.....which brings me to deadlifts.
seriously, what do you do with your face during selfies? and how should one pose? #awkward.

I've started deadlifting again; slowly increasing the weight with each session.  What you don't want to do (even though you probably can) - deadlift heavy weight right off the bat. That's a surefire way to make your hammies SO SORE you won't be able to move for days.  I started with a light 12K kettle bell, focusing on proper form (the most important thing when deadlifting) and worked my way up to the 45lbs bar and now, adding additional weights.  It leaves my hammies and back with a slightly sore feeling (what you want) yet I'm still able to train muay thai and you know, walk.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. Essential oils are awesome for sleep, I hope that helps Kayla!

  2. Love your twinning jackets, but sorry she's been waking you guys up at night. I'm sure it'll pass soon, and now I'm kicking myself for telling everyone how awesome of a sleeper Serena's been since between 6 and 7 weeks old. This past week, she has decided to wake up and scream for about 5-10 minutes before self soothing and going back to sleep. She's not hungry or anything, she just cries out of nowhere. Which wakes us up out of a sound sleep for a while *ugh*. Hope you get through the extra work projects, and boooo to parking tickets and no planning. Cheers to a better week <3

  3. You and Kayla are so adorable as twins! I'm sorry to hear about her waking up at night. That must be really tough. I do not like being disturbed when I'm sleeping. haha only because I have a hard time sleeping thru the night as it is. Hope the oil works. Maybe I should try it.

  4. Oh my god that's hilarious about the anniversary dessert. LOLOLOL I'd die. :P Sounds like a crappy week, hope this one is better. Parking tickets are the. worst. Xo - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  5. Does she want anything when she wakes you all up? Or just to say hi?
    TOTALLY try the oils. You can use a diffuser in her room too with some lavender that will help with sleep!

  6. LOL with your "anniversary" dinner! HAHA, those memes are the best!! I like the idea of these essential oils for sleep, I almost want to try them for myself...my sleep is horrible.

  7. Twinsies - love it! I may have to try that oil blend. I use to be a dream sleeper too but now I'm trying to function on 6 hours of sleep when I need a full 8. My anxiety is causing problems, I think. Your husband - too funny! I'd probably do the same if it meant a extra fancy dessert. :D

  8. Please don't tell me this about kids and sleep. In my mind, after she exits toddlerhood, her sleep will be totally amazing and she will not wake me up in the middle of the night. I guess when she's 18, right?? Just told my husband the story about the "anniversary" and we are both cracking up at that face. Hahaha. Would definitely do this.

  9. I love essential oils- especially for sleeping. It could be that she was just over-tired. My oldest son does that sometimes and that's usually the culprit.

  10. I hope Kayla's sleep gets back on track soon...would be interested to hear if the essential oils help!! That date night dinner sounds amazing and I'm laughing over the dessert :)

  11. Parking tickets are bullshit!! So is picking up another project. Glad to hear your back isn't hurting as bad! Sad to her Kayla isn't sleeping. You will have to let us know how those oils work.

  12. Haha to the restaurant "lie". Good thinking on his part though.
    Maybe daylight savings time is messing with Kayla's system?
    I have a few oils but probably don't use them as I should. I'd like to really get the benefits.

  13. Ah, well. Sometimes life is just not on our side. :)
    Sorry to hear about your back. From someone who has back problems, I know it sucks. I also had to go through a therapy.

    Take it easy!

  14. Score for adding in some weightlifting! I'm always a big fan of working out in multiple ways, i feel like it lowers the risk of injury or overuse.

    I never know what to do with my face in selfies either! I try to cover it with the phone.

  15. Happy Anniversary!!! Lol, that is awesome. I love doing a tasting menu as well. I love essential oils. Curious to know how that is working for you. My 18 y.o. Just bought herself a diffuser light combo thingy and her room finally doesn't smell like sweaty gym clothes lol.

  16. Way to go husband! Those gifs were spot on haha Kayla and you are adorable!! I love seeing all the reading IGs you post. She's not even my kid and it makes me happy she's an avid reader. Deadlifting makes me feel like a fucking powerhouse. Do you do traditional or romanian? I usually block my face with the phone because HOT MESS. But I agree. Gym selfies are awkward AF.

  17. I love to put a few drops of lavender essential oil in my son's bath before bed (not to mention a drop of melaleuca in his hair to prevent lice). Seriously, essential oils are life in my home ha ha! Also, I laughed out loud at the part about the anniversary dessert! That's great!