Friday Thangs [3-31]

  • March 31, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

+ With more sun coming out these days and the temps warming up (finally!), it's time to bust out the daily SPF. Yes, I know I should use this everyday but shit, this stuff is expensive.  I absolutely love this product - it gives you a hint of colour, doesn't dry out my face and protects me all day.

+ I don't have a one-piece swimsuit and I think it's time that I get one since more kids will be having their birthday parties at the community center pool and I've never felt comfortable walking around in a bikini at those things.  AE offers free shipping on Aerie swimsuits and there was a sale so this is now on the way to my house.

+ Tonight is wine night!  Having to reduce my wine consumption to lose those 5lbs sucks big hairy ones.

+ Now that I'm training according to my cycle, I have a period tracker app on my phone that will tell me when I hit day 14 aka go balls to the wall with training. First question it asked me was "are you trying to get pregnant?" and I laughed out loud.

+ We used to read to Kayla before bedtime; now she reads on her own.

+ I get home late on Tuesday and Thursday nights (evening training) and when I came home on Tuesday night, this is what I see in my fridge. My baby girl made me my salad for lunch the next day.

+ Love this shirt:

+ This dad wins at parenting:

Have a great weekend!

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  1. So adorable she made your salad for you. Umm, why isn't she calling you mom? haha That's a cute one-piece! Also, does that say... SPF 2???

  2. I love that Kayla made you your lunch! That is so sweet! I have that same period tracker & my reaction was pretty much the same when it asked me that question. No I'm trying to avoid it actually...

  3. The t-shirt and dad sign both rock.

    Love to see pics of Kayla reading!

  4. i use a moisturiser with SPF all year and then add some more in the summer. there's no point when i'm not spending time outside at all during the winter (i should, but that's a different story). that one piece is super cute! i got a one piece last year and i feel like i never want to wear a bikini ever again. i just don't feel comfortable in them.
    you know how i feel about kayla reading. she's the best.

  5. Hahahaha that dad!!! Truth! I still love that Kayla made you your lunch. So sweet! Your tracker app looks way cute than mine. Which one is it? I use Clue. It is pretty accurate though, because I got pregnant with Zoe on the first try! Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy that wine tonight!

  6. LOL at that dad's sign, totally something I could see us doing down the road! I need to get better about wearing SPF daily, and loving the back detailing on that suit! Happy Friday, enjoy your wine night <3

  7. I LOVEeEE that dad sign. That is good parenting!
    I need to get that princess shirt just so I can wear it for my husband. He would love that.
    That salad. Oh mercy... that is adorable.
    GIRLLLL - I know you can rock a bikini. Show those ladies how fit you are! ;)

  8. The sign at the Cavs game is so perfect!
    I have an app on my phone to track that stuff but it doesn't have an adorable little kitty... What one are you using??
    I LOVE the back of that swimsuit!

  9. That swimsuit is too cute! I'm a huge fan of one-pieces nowadays -- there are just so many cute ones out there! Also, that Dad sign is perfect!

  10. Oh my gosh, Kayla is an awesome kid. Reads, makes you lunch.... so darn sweet!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  11. I know it sounds terrible but it made me happy when Erica started reading to herself before bed. I got so sick of reading the same books every single night. The chapter ones weren't as bad but this is better.

  12. LOL on the pregnancy thing. I need a good SPF. I had a day solution I was using but it's been discontinued. whomp whomp. I should get on that and also get to the derm. I love that Kayla loves to read so much! And that she made you a salad is too sweet. :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  13. I want Thomas in my class.

    I've been wanting a one-piece suit for years. It's very hit or miss though.

  14. I am so dang glad that it is the weekend! That SPF tinted moisturizer looks amazing... I might have to check it out. I am the worst when it comes to sunscreen even though it is so important. How sweet that a) Kayla reads so much and b) made you that salad for lunch! Happy Saturday!

  15. I have been thinking about the SPF thing too this week after noticing a distinct less tan stripe on my forehead (the part that's covered up with a bandana). Time for sunscreen and maybe a hat when working out outside.

    Cute bathing suit! And, yes, that dad sign rocks!

  16. So much LOL at that sign at the basketball game. Sucks to be you Thomas, get your act together.

  17. AHHAHA dying at that dad win. I used to track my period when I was having sexy time, but this dried up desert doesn't have a period or sexy time right now. When one of them comes back I'll prob track again cause HARD PASS on birth control and hormones.

  18. That dad is the coolest. :D
    And I gotta have that princesses shirt.

    Is Kayla reading a Harry Potter book? :)