Friday Thangs [3-10]

  • March 10, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

+ Back rehab is in full effect.  After my first treatment last week, my back felt awesome and the pain level went from an 8 to about a 5.  I was even able to train properly for the first time since early February.  Session #2 was on Wednesday and it was incredible.

I followed that up with a 90 minute massage. It was heaven.

+ Speaking of training, I found this awesome circuit on YouTube and did it on Wednesday morning using 25lbs, 15lbs, 12lbs and an 8kg kettlebell.  It's been a while since I've found a weight circuit workout that made me huff and puff and it felt great.

+ I am so proud of my husband.  He has a similar story to my own health journey - when we met (1999!), we were both so active and fit.  Then we got together and fappiness (fat happiness) ensued where we spent lots of time together and less time at the gym.

Pic on the left was in 2012; pic on the right was just yesterday. He's currently in California training on the mountains with my BIL.
Back in 2012, he was about 225 pounds; the heaviest he's been.  Even at 6'1, that's still pretty heavy.  He's now at 180-183 pounds, cycles every day (sometimes twice a day) because he loves it so much. Cycling to him is what muay thai is to me.

+ Kayla's been having a hard time with my husband gone for the weekend.  They have such a great relationship and I'll find her crying at times because she misses him so much. She found his tshirt and was crying while clutching it!

....but nothing that a little cookie baking won't fix!

+ Thanks for reminding me about this embarrassing and awkward photo, Facebook.
But seriously, how hilarious is this picture?  I'm about 6yrs old here and jesus fuck, can I just say my Lego hair is is no joke.

Then you share that pic with your co-workers for a chuckle and this is what they send back:

It also seems that Lego hair runs in my family....or bad haircuts in general. Sorry, Kayla.

+ Back to my husband.  He totally brought sexy back now that he's all clean-shaven. All winter, he had a thick ass beard and while I liked it, I like him clean-shaven better.

+ Free coffee on Friday rocks! I won another free coffee again :)

DST has crept up on us again!  remember to turn your clocks forward by 1 hour on Sunday before you go to sleep.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I always say that there's some activity out there for everyone. Glad you each find your thing that helps you be a healthier you.
    I love free videos on YouTube for working out - some good stuff out there.
    Oh gosh... that pitiful face missing daddy. That is just so heartbreaking. I can remember crying over my daddy being at work some days. Always a daddy's girl.

  2. You and your husband are hot! I wish I was as dedicated to working out as you are. Can you send me some inspiration? I need it. Oh poor Kayla, she is so cute. I use to nanny for this family and the hubby traveled alot and the youngest always cried when "daddy" went away. It always broke my heart. I would just be like he will be back before you know it!

  3. I found you from Ange's Cowgirls Run site. I just had to click on your awesome blog name! I have never had a 90 minute massage, 30 and 60 but 90? I think I need to change that and soon!
    How cool about the dumbell workout I'll have to check that out!
    What a fantastic story about your hubs! So glad to see he has turned his life around. I too stay on mine, he's making progress, we just really want to keep them around don't we?
    Holy cow it is daylight savings time isn't it? I totally was not prepared for this!

  4. LOL at that throwback pic! So sweet how much Kayla misses her dad, but yay for cookies! And that massage sounds amazing, I'm way overdue for treating myself. Happy Friday!

  5. This is awesome. I love that you all hang out but still do your own stuff. Hello fappiness. That's us. LOL. #goals That's so sweet how good Kayla's relationship with her dad is. But yum, cookies. LOLOLOL on the lego hair. I have some top notch photos of myself as a kid. I love to show KC just how cool I am not. LOL XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  6. Your husband is pretty hunky...both bigger and fit! No lie! I love that Kayla is so close to him. And your hair...stellar. But don't ever get that again.

  7. I almost spit out my soda when I read Lego hair! OMG! That's the best description I've ever read, for I immediately could see the little plastic Lego wigs that went on top of the Lego people. That is too funny.

    Ah, Fappiness... My husband and I know it well. We're both on quests to be more happy with less fat. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  8. I still need to try out that workout!!! I think that is totally sweet that Kayla misses her daddy while he is gone!!! Laughing way too hard at the lego hair!

  9. Oh my, that pic of Kayla clutching her daddy's shirt is just the sweetest. I'm going to steal "fappiness".

  10. LOL at the lego hair! Kayla with her daddy's shirt made my heart melt & my eyes a little misty. Congrats to both you & your husband on getting back into shape & finding an activity that you love. I need to find one of those. I'm still abusing an awesome metabolism but at 28 I know that's going to come to an end real quick, especially if I don't start something now.

  11. The Lego hair is hilarious.
    It looks like Kayla's hair is all good now though so at least it didn't carry over!
    Free coffee brightens any day.

  12. Fat happiness is totally a thing. I was so tiny when we got together and now....nope.

    I love that the two of you are so committed to fitness together!