Things I love -- Holy Grail Makeup Products

  • February 14, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

Over the years, I've reduced my makeup to the bare minimum (read: just enough so that I don't look like something that crawled out of a crypt); mostly because I'm too lazy to spend time applying it but also because I think that too much makeup on your face isn't good for your skin and I'll take healthy skin over a painted face any day of the week.

This is all I use on a daily basis.

1) Concealer.  Everyone who reads this blog likely needed concealer at some point in their lives, whether to cover up a blemish or, in my case, hide under-eye circles.  Although I get plenty of rest thanks to my old lady bedtime, I can't beat mother nature (aka age) and because of that bitch, I have dark under-eye circles due to my shifting hormone levels. This results in hyper-pigmentation that is common for those with olive skin tones.  Rude, right?

But that doesn't mean I have to walk around with two black eyes and for that, I turn to two Giorgio Armani products:  the Master Corrector (left) and Concealer (right).

The corrector neutralizes the darkness and the concealer lightens the entire area. These two products are the best on the market (and I've tried everything) - it doesn't dry out my skin, cake or look fake.  It's a perfect match to my skin tone and I love them; totally worth the price tag and I will never use anything else.

2) Setting powder.  To set the concealer, I use Laura Mercier's Secret Brightening Powder. It contains light-reflecting particles that brighten the entire area without settling into fine lines, caking or drying out the eye area.  I only need a tiny amount dabbed on top of the concealer to set it for the rest of the day.  This jar legit lasts me well past a year, that's how little of it I need.

3) Eyelash curler.  I know everyone loves Shu Uemura but they don't sell replacement pads which is total bullshit so you either have to buy those bootleg replacement pads that suck ass and never fit right or spend another $25 for a new curler which is a waste of money, stupid and fuck that shit.

I have found a great alternative:  Shiseido eyelash curler.  They also sell replacement pads for $6 (2 per pack).

4) Eyeliner.  For everyday wear, I use these amazing pencil liners by Nars. These are legit - it never fades or smudges; they glide on smoothly, are highly pigmented, water and sweat proof. I've trained 2+ hrs in high humidity at muay thai and this doesn't budge. It's amazing. It comes in so many great colours and lasts a long time since you never have to reapply.

For fancy outings, I use a liquid liner and Marc Jacobs Precision Pen is my jam. The fine tip allows for precise accuracy, lasts all day, never smudges, flakes or wears off,

5) Lipstick.  My lips can get very dry which is why I rarely wear anything on my lips other than lip balm but when I'm going out and want to look purty, I use Bite lipsticks. Made with food grade colouring, they're the only lipsticks that never dry out my lips, never feels like I'm wearing lipstick and stays put.

What are some of your holy grail makeup products?

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  1. I have my updated post about this at the end of... March, I think (I'm really far ahead.) I've cut way way back, you'll be so proud! Not this far back, you're still ahead of me. I completely agree on concealer - necessary. For me, mascara is also necessary because I have those tiny blonde eyelashes.

  2. I think we think alike when it comes to products so I love the things you suggest.
    I'm interested in that setting powder. I havent ever found any that I like.
    Under eye concealer is my MUST in my make up bag. Even if nothing else goes on my face - I gotta do LAYERS of undereye concealer. I love the Garnier under eye roller.It covers well for me.

  3. I love that setting powder and always have some on hand. I need to try that concealer. I have had my eye on that eye lash curler because my Nordstrom Rack sells them for a little less than everywhere else and now that you put your seal of approval on it I know I have to get it next time I am there!! (The Shishedo one)

  4. Thanks to my acne I use a mixture of four different foundations/powders/setting powder. But I feel like I've finally found a routine that works for me and doesn't hurt my skin- so long as I wash it all off at the end of the day!

  5. I have heard good things about NARS eyeliner but have yet to try it! And concealer is a must for sure. I really like the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye. It's better than any drugstore concealer I've tried!

  6. I've heard only good things about that setting powder so I may end up purchasing it soon as my cheap ass ELF one is finished. Also gonna look into that eyelash curler because hells yes to replacement pads that fit.

  7. My concealer is YSL and I feel the same - worth every penny and I will never use another.

    The elf eyelash curler is a perfect dupe of the Shu Uemura curler. Ever since I discovered that, that's what I use. It's $4. Hollerrrrr.

    I love fresh sugar lip stuff.

  8. I'll need to add these to my routine. I'm not much of a make-up person either, but I've always been one to use drugstore stuff, and that shit just isn't cutting it anymore.

  9. I'm going to check out those Nars eyeliners. Eyeliner is one of the few products I wear every day but it never lasts all day, even expensive brands. So now I just buy the cheap stuff but if the Nars stays on - it would be worth paying more for it!

  10. I'm the most low maintenance makeup person too. I have like a 5 minute face... and I'm good to go. I have the sparsest freaking eyebrows ever... so The Honest Beauty eye brow pencil has been amazing. XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  11. i am trying to move to cruelty free products so i am looking for a new concealer. my holy grail is a $7 maybelline one, i've been using it for like 10 years though so i'm really sad about it. i will be looking into that pretty brightening powder!

  12. That's my eye lash curler of choice too and you just reminded me I should get some new pads for it! I'm yet to find a concealer I love so I'm really intrigued by GA now!

  13. LIPSENSE. I started selling it. (So yea, a plug, but you asked hahahaaha). The gloss is amazing and moisturizing and wax free and wonderful and the lip color stays on for HOURS (like - smudge proof, kiss proof ALL DAY. Unless I eat hot wings, like I found out Saturday. haha. Apparently spicy and greasy WILL break down the color. I NEEDED TO CLEAR MY SINUSES.)