Save vs splurge

  • January 18, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

Everyone knows I'm El Cheapo when it comes to a lot of things. 

$20 for a shirt? GTFO my face with that bullshit.  

$5 for shipping? FUCK YOU.  

$30 sale price for pants?  *throws it back on the shelf*.

I never used to be like this; I would have no issues dropping $1200 for a purse without blinking if I really liked it but now?  I prefer to save that $1200 for a rainy day.  I suppose age has something to do with you find that as you get older, you get more frugal? 

Things on the Save list.

- Clothes.  Shit, I have clothes I still wear from the high school days. If it still fits and looks relatively decent, I'll wear it.  I've been doing the whole "capsule wardrobe" thing since before it was a trend so all of my clothes match/can go together in any which way.  They may have cost me very little but they're classic pieces that can be worn during any year, among any trend.  By classic pieces, I mean I'll wear them and won't give a fuck what anyone thinks.

To save money on clothes, I'll wait for sales with discounts of 40% off or more, I'll shop in the Women's clearance section, I'll shop in the Girls section (my favorite thing to do) and also browse the Girls clearance section.  The beauty of shopping in the kids section is not only the low 5% sales tax, but all the sizes that fit me (girls XL) are almost always available.

Remember these from the 90s?

Yep, I still have them and still wear them because fuck buying new clothes.

- Shoes.  I'll wear the shit out of shoes until there are holes in the sole or my toe is sticking out of body of the shoe.

- Fitness gear.  I buy quality gear but I don't pay regular price because ain't nobody got time fo' dat.  Instead, I'll keep an eye out at Winners (and even those prices aren't so great most of the time) or I'll wait for big blow-out sales like end of season, back to school, Boxing day, black Friday, Cyber Monday, President's day, July 4th, Columbus day, Memorial day.  Yes my American friends, I know when your good sales are.

- Books.  I used to buy books all the time but then smartened up and got meself a library card because shit is free at the library...and you can't get a better price than free.

Things on the Splurge list:

- Skin products.  While I may balk at a $20 shirt, I won't even hesitate dropping $300+ on skin care or skin treatments because I don't wake up like this everyday, folks...this shit takes time and maintenance and if all those things will prevent me from looking like a shrivelled ballsack, shut up and take my money.

- Makeup.  I've tried to go low budge on the makeup but I found that the quality just isn't good enough. My eyeliner costs $32 but can weather a hurricane and all of those other drug store brands (and I've tried them all), the liner just disappears after an hour.  Who has time to keep reapplying?  I certainly don't.  With my Nars liner, I just swipe it on at 7am and it lasts all day.

- Fitness.  The amount I spend on fitness classes/the gym/yoga etc is beyond stupid but it keeps me healthy, keeps me in shape and I can't think of a better way to spend money if you have to.

- Craft stuff.  I try and save as much as I can through coupons etc but if I want it and there are no coupons or the shit never goes on sale or the products are excluded from the coupons (I'm looking at you, Silhouette products), then I'll hand over my credit card with no problem.

What are some of your save vs splurge items?

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  1. "Keeps me from looking like a shriveled ballsack" I'm dying. Haha. I'm not quite there yet, or at least I don't look in the mirror enough to think I'm there yet...but one day, I'm sure of it.

    In the meantime, I AM also still rocking clothes from high school, though they are tighter, which is my motivation to drop some pounds so I don't have to buy new clothes. #LAZY

    I also seriously splurge on travel - I won't think twice about dropping $1500 on a plane ticket. But $3.50 on a latte from Starbucks around the corner? GTFO. And I'm with you, until a clothing article shits the bed & officially has too many holes to be useful? I'm wearing it...

  2. hahahaha, I love this! I'm so with you on the clothes thing. I HATE buying clothes if I don't need them. Also with you on the gym/fitness thing. I don't mind spending the money if I love it, and it keeps me healthy, but I also splurge a little on work out clothes, because I have a giant chest, and well, I need something with amazing support!

  3. I only recently started splurging on clothes just so I'd start to feel better about myself and what I'm wearing. I really don't splurge in general though. I try to be frugal as much as possible!

    I think it's awesome that there are so many areas you save on!

  4. I'm with you on makeup, for sure. To get it to meet all my requirements (works well, cruelty free, natural/green, good for sensitive skin) I mean, it gets pricey. Worth it though!
    I spend next to nothing on clothes. I take good care of what I have so I never have to buy anything. And if I do need something, my mother still LOVES clothes shopping for me (and pays!) so I let her. Win win :)

  5. I definitely agree with splurging on skincare and quality makeup items. And yes to the library with all the free books!

  6. I'm in the same boat as you when it comes to clothes, the little girls section is the best, and occasionally the little boy section. I've saved so much money buying the kids' version of something and most of the time it's identical to the adult version just $20 cheaper. I can't bring myself to splurge on make-up though, $5 mascara works just fine for me! I'm also a big grocery saver, it kills me to pay full price for something when I know it's going to go on sale! I try to stock up with things are on sale and make sure I'm looking at the flyers and eating what's on sale!

  7. I'm basically the same except I don't craft. That saves me a ton of money right there.

    I have gotten to the point with my makeup and haircare and skin products that I'm not happy with the way cheap stuff works or makes me look or feel so I gladly spend more on those.

  8. I am with you on all of these things. I refuse to pay full price for clothes, especially work out clothes because hello TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack with your awesome prices!!! And I totally think make up and skin care and things for your health are worth the investment for sure.

  9. I splurge on skincare products because, hello, this is the face I have..might as well take care of it. I do buy $7 eyeliner and it stays on for dayssss if I let it. Interesting that it doesn't for you!

  10. i always thought it was because of KC that i am getting more frugal - i'm all about spending, he's all about saving, and we have sort of meshed. although, i've always wanted cheap things, just lots of them. now i want less. who knows. but it could also be because i'm getting older and i want to spend my money on more important things like travel or a reasonably nice house. not clothes or whatever.
    i got all my skincare stuff for relatively cheap but i wanted to start down low so that i could replace as needed with more expensive high quality things if the things i purchased didn't work out. and as for the gym and fitness, for reals. i used to pay $10 a month for the gym and i never went because i hated it. now we pay $80 a month for both of us and i go 3-4 times a week, sometimes more. it has everything. but i'm considering adding extra classes - the orange theory Laura keeps telling me to do, because i mean what is better than taking care of your health and fitness? except working out too hard Kathy!!!! I hope you've slowed down!!
    i am cheap with makeup though. because i rarely wear it, and my favourite concealer is $7. my fave mascara is $8, although my favourite fancy mascara is $18. i don't have a favourite foundation or anything because i rarely wear it.
    i'm all about cheap fitness clothes. i paid $90 (i know, vomit a little) on a pair of capris like 9 years ago and i still wear them for the majority of my workouts. i'd say i got my money's worth!

  11. This is a good list! I'm hoping to get into buying higher quality clothes, even if it means splurging... because my clothes crap out SO QUICKLY. :( Bras. 100% splurge on bras and comfortable underwear. And I will NEVER go back. EVER. I do tend to splurge or allow craft purchases more than others. I also buy specific makeups and facial stuff, it's not super high end, but it's not cheap either. So glad that I'm not into technology. HA XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  12. It's shocking how many of my clothes are DECADES OLD :)
    I have a weird relationship with purses. I'll want to save money & go cheap & then turn around & throw down big money for other bags. Camera bags? Always splurge.
    I'm trying to learn to use my library card more. I drop SO MUCH money on books. Its kinda crazy.
    I'm also learning I need to splurge on good coffee / tea. There is a difference.

  13. I actually think I'm getting less frugal and more confident in our money situation... but I still laugh at the idea of dropping $20 on a shirt. Ha. I'm just more ok with treating myself or purchasing quality shoes or spending the money to have the carpets cleaned. That said, I shop SUPER savvy on vacations and I don't spend a whole bunch on clothes and I love me some Aldi for groceries!

  14. I splurge on makeup for sure, there is a difference in the way it goes on and stays on! I splurge on shoes because my feet are wide and cheap shoes that don't fit hurt like a mother and when your feet hurt you are basically fucked for anything else. I also splurge on tattoos because obvi... that is not something you want to go just anywhere for. You get what you pay for.

  15. This makes perfect sense to me and is completely balanced IMO. I've very much on the fence about clothing. Certain things I will splurge for (good shoes, coats, work pants) but most everything else is a save. They're clothes i.e. they're always replaceable. I don't remember the last time I bought a book. I gave up on that a long time ago. All hail the Public Library. Oh, and splurge on vacays while spending smart... if that makes any sense.

  16. Makeup and skin care will always be a happy splurge for me. #wothit

    Clothes I buy as cheap as possible.

    Free is best and the library is the BOMB!