Plans for 2017

  • January 01, 2017
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

I had three, half-done posts for my birthday recap, 2016 review and what's up for 2017 but then holidaying happened, I got lazy and now I'm just going to combine them all into this post and call it a day. 

First of all, Happy New Year!  Who else is excited for 2017?  

But first, a summary of my birthday month - it was amazing.  How could it not be with weekly pampering sessions - facials, spa days, massages, acupuncture/cupping treatments, more facials...just incredible.  Went snowboarding on my actual birthday, went to a fancy place for dinner, got some amazing workout tanks - one of my favourites:
I'm a very serious boarder.  Just kidding; I was not liking the wind blasting on my face.

I'll admit that I spent most of December lit because it being the holiday month and my birthday month and I love this gif and needed a reason to post it.

I always get a birthday present for myself and this year I scored an amazing deal on a sweater I've lusted all season but couldn't stand the $168 price tag. Fuck that price.
Instead, I found it in the Girls section in XL, it fit like a glove and it cost me a total of $30. Being short pays off, especially when you can score the same clothes as Womens for a fraction of the cost and only 5% sales tax (instead of the usual ridiculous 13%). This deal was so good that I got one for Kayla and both cost me only $67.

2016 was incredible.  That's one word I'd use to describe my year - I slayed my fitness, Kayla has grown leaps and bounds and my husband's cycling is off the charts. Happiness all the live long day and I can reflect on all of 2016 and only remember fun, positive, happy things.  If that's not the makings of a successful year, I don't know what is.

Goodreads says I read 27 books in 2016 which is amazing because about 90% of those books were fucking amazing - The Nightingale, The Power of the Dog, All The Light We Cannot See, The Cartel, Unbroken...oh, so many....I was so lucky to read so many good books in 2016 and I hope to read more.

and my besties know me so well....

What's in store for 2017?

-- back to it. This holiday was the first one since 2012 that I actually let myself indulge and I indulged like fuck...and it felt so good.  The scale wasn't too happy about that and I put on about 5 or 6 pounds but I ain't mad and I certainly don't regret it.  That said though, I'm back to structured eating and hard workouts and I can't wait. Nadine and Amy are doing a fantastic linkup to get you back on the healthy train after a month of holiday indulgences. You damn sure I'll be joining as I love acting being talking like a fitness ahole bro.

-- More great reading. Near the end of the year, my reading fell by the wayside due to holiday distractions and other things I had to do so know that I'll be stalking everyone's Goodreads and book posts in the coming months.

-- Happiness. Duh.

and finally, this:


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  1. I'm a December baby too! Happy belated birthday! All the best in 2017 :)
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  2. Happy Birthday again!!! 2016 was a fabulous year and I'm happy to read sibeibe else's good thoughts on it!!! I'm still excited about your super awesome sweater deal! Love that you guys are twinning! I also love that you indulged for the holiday because YOLO and shit. Now let's get back on track bro!!!

  3. That sweater is everything. I love the twinning action too, well done you two.

  4. Hope your birthday and month were awesome! I need that anti-social shirt! Yesss.

    I am obsessed with your matching sweaters! The colors and fabric remind me of sock monkey material. May sound weird but I collect them and love them so this is a compliment! Lol

    Happy New Year!

  5. hahaha omg the pro leave me the fuck alone shirt, I want one!

  6. you and kayla are too cute in your matching sweaters! I want one!! :)

  7. Happy Belated Birthday & Happy New Year! Shopping for clothes & shoes in the girls' section is the best perk of being short and having tiny feet!

  8. Don't ever change, Kathy. Don't EVER change! Happy belated birthday and I'm so glad your birthday month celebration was a huge success! It's so weird how kids cloths are SO MUCH cheaper and I didn't realize you paid different tax on kids clothes versus adult clothes. In MN, we don't pay tax on clothes (or we didn't - I think they may have/are changing the law) so I still get confused when those rude sales clerks tack it on in CA. And it's like 10%!

  9. You crack me up lady...
    YESSSSS on having an XL in kids fit. That's ridiculous the mark up for adult things when you know its the same exact thing.
    Same goes with tennis shoes.
    So glad you got to have a great birthday & a great 2016!!

  10. LOL those texts are great. Good luck with the goals! Um wow, what a price different... glad you got your dream sweater at a cheap price! I also suck at reading during any "holiday" season. XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  11. Hahaha, at like 1215AM my other half declared he was going to our friends party a few streets over & tried to convince me to go, like, do you not know me at all? My ass is going straight to bed.

    Also, YES YES YES to being the same c*&t I've always been. I say that every year!

  12. love the matching sweaters. 13% tax on adult clothes? That's so high and y'all need so many layers up there!

  13. Where do you find these workout tanks?! I need that for everyday living! Also, 13%?! What the fuck is that noise?! Is that how much you pay on all purchases or just for clothing? Holy hell!

  14. glad you had such a fabulous birthday month :) also glad that 2016 was such a great year for you, hope 2017 is even better!