Friday Thangs [12-16]

  • December 16, 2016
  • By Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky

Guys, there is only NINE days left until Christmas!  Can you believe how fast time has been flying?!

+ My work had their annual Christmas potluck and raffle with some great prizes.  Each year, everyone is out to beat my husband because for some reason, the man has horseshoes up his ass and basically cleans house so everyone spends all kinds of money selecting different tickets from different rolls in an effort to "beat" my husband.

This event is supposed to be for charity but has somehow turned into a race of "who can beat Marius".  They've even labelled this raffle as the "anti-Marius movement" and ticket sellers actually go around saying "we can't let Marius clean house again! buy more tickets!".  Doesn't matter because the more money people spend, the more money that goes to charity.

This year he got sick and tired of all the berating and decided to boycott the entire thing so  instead of his usual strategic play (which everyone is still trying to figure out but he swears isn't a strategy), he only bought $50 worth of raffle tickets and didn't even attend....yet he ended up winning a GoPro and an iPhone 7.    

And I think even my luck is changing -- I won something and I never win anything: a $100 laptop backpack that's actually legit: 

Lots of pockets and places to put things. It's lightweight, thin yet holds a lot of stuff.  I think I might actually switch my current backpack for this one!

+ Finished this book:

+ This $20 is from Kayla's piggy bank - she lost A LIBRARY BOOK so she had to take responsibility and pay for it. 
Was she happy about that? no. 
Did she learn her lesson? YES.
And the lesson was: when you borrow something, you respect and take care of it otherwise mommy will yell at you and then you have to apologize to the librarian and use your own money to pay for it because mommy isn't raising an irresponsible human and mommy ain't gonna bail you out.

+ When you freak out firmly and fairly state your displeasure about the customer service you've been getting at your car dealership and they feel so bad that they give you your next service for free (this is unheard of).

+ This weekend, we have more potlucks, watching The Family Stone and celebrating a friend's birthday!  Also, supposed to have more snowmaggedon. Boo.

+ Funny: a sleeptalker decided to record himself and all the funny things he says while sleeping. HILARITY ENSUES.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I hope you are able to make it to the potluck, I LOVE THE FAMILY STONE! :) That's hilarious that he always wins, and still does. My SIL is that way. She wins EVERYTHING. I rarely do... but that's ok. It's more fun when I do that way. Awesome that you won this backpack. :) Glad you loved the book, can't wait to check it out. Hoping for snow, baking, wrapping, and festive fun this weekend. #allthechristmas XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  2. My aunt is like your husband, she is constantly winning those ridiculous "like & share" Facebook contests, back in the fall she won a gift basket filled with over $1000 worth of gift cards to local restaurants and fancy soaps and such. All the parenting points for you for making Kayla pay for her own library book, way to raise a responsible human!

  3. Oh Mylanta, you and your husband won some good prizes... dang! Nice job!

    Aw, Kayla - haha! I'm a librarian and people usually gripe about having to pay fines and lost book fees so yay you!

  4. I love that your husband is the huge winner. I win my fair share of things!

  5. That's so funny about your husband! And the laptop backpack is seriously legit. I love it! Good for you for teaching Kayla important lessons and once again, I reminded how ugly American money is compared to yours.

  6. Hahahaha. Spent $50 and still walked away with a GoPro and iPhone 7. Damn, that's impressive. Ha.
    Parenting win for you w/ the library book!!! You go, mama!

  7. Haha damn can your husband start entering raffles & such for me?!

  8. The Family Stone is one of my only must-watch Christmas movies every year. Been saving it for this weekend myself!

  9. Hell yes you have to pay for the book you lost all by yourself. Guarantee that's never happening again. You're like everything parents should be.
    WTF how does he win so much?! I'm freaking jealous, I enter stuff like that all the time when you get the little raffle ticket things and I never win!

  10. Get that man out to buy a lottery ticket!!!
    I just watched The Family Stone & bawled my eyes out at the end.. .like I havent seen it a dozen times.

  11. ALL THE APPLAUSE for you having your child pay to fix her (complete fixable) mistake. She'll totally never do that again :)

    LOL to your husband's luck. My husband has the exact opposite luck.

  12. Sucks for Kayla about the library book but good on you for making her take responsibility for it!

    Wow your husband has some stellar luck!

  13. I never win anything so I'm jealous of your husband's luck! A new phone is an awesome prize! I need to watch Dark Matter but I'm afraid! Heard it's so good, though.

  14. I love that he didn't even try and still won awesome shit and so did you!!! And heck yes to Kayla paying for her lost book, that's called responsibility and something more parents should be teaching!

  15. Hopefully she will never lose another library book again. I need to read Dark Matter. I just read Good Behavior by Crouch, which was not bad. Not as good as Wayward Pines but okay.